Friday, December 21, 2012

End of Year Review

I'll be off work for the next two weeks until Jan 2nd so having easy access to a computer keyboard and breaks to sit down and write posts will be scarce. Consider this the last post of 2012.


I started the year in the Kadavr Black Guard who were living in Dal system of the Heimatar region, participated in the Mimatar milita. Over the year I:
- finished the Eagle Redesign contest,
- completed my final series of Fiction Friday posts,
- saw the beginning of the ship re-balancing with Assault Ships,
- ended my work with Eve Tribune,
- the corp moved to Gallente low sec and left the militia to join the Shadow Cartel,
-  endorsed Alekseyev Karrde for CSM 7,
- proposed a path for future Incarna development,
- ended my work with E-ON Magazine,
- participated in the Burn Jita event,
- started the Kadavr Crimson Guard and joined the Gallente Militia,
- passed 100 million skill points on Kirith,
- celebrated two years of podcasting,
- went after the CSM 7 for their failure to get the Moa redesigned,
- went after Off  Grid Boosting,
- participated in the first Tusker Frigate Free For All,
- Argued for arenas of some sort in Eve,
- started up Planetary Interaction again,
- looked at the "stagnant" state of null sec and reasons therein,
- and am having the best month of PvP for me ever in December.

The two dips in 2012's numbers are from May when I was gone for a week to Mexico and July when I was gone for more than a week during summer vacation. Otherwise 2012 has been steady around the 15000 pageviews per month mark. My most visited post (not necessarily most read due to my full RSS feed subscribers) continues to be the guest fiction from CCP Headfirst, and my most visited 2012 post is my story about the origin of the term "Honour Tanking" (I was there!)

The most visitors come from a German website called Ben+ followed closely by Jester's Trek and Eve Bloggers website, with Rixx Javix's Evoganda coming up fifth. I don't know who the German's are that are sending so many page views my way are, but I like them:
That's right, FAMOUS!
I just released my 80th episode last night of my Broadcasts from the Ninveah podcast, and the last handful of 'casts are getting over 700 downloads, with a couple over 800 and one that reached over 900. Thank you for listening!

Coming Up:
So what's in store for 2013? Well, I will continue to cover interesting blog posts on the podcast, continue to chronicle my adventures in the Gallente Militia and wormhole planetary interaction, and possibly start up a new series of Fiction Friday. As well as the usual analysis and crystal ball predictions of upcoming ship and feature changes and additions.

I also plan to hunt down a few more celebrity duels to add to my collection.

Thanks for reading! See you in the new year.

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