Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Endorsing Alekseyev Karrde for CSM 7

A Face You Can Trust. No, seriously.

For what its worth, I'm throwing my votes and support behind Alekseyev Karrde of Noir Mercenary Group for a seat on CSM 7.

I feel that the CCP and the players are best served by a CSM with a broad experience in their background and that more support for null sec candidates is unnecessary. Aleks, as leader of Noir., has seen the game from null sec to high sec, wormholes to low sec, all over the cluster and is well situated to talk about things that pure null sec candidates would not be as prepared to discuss intelligently. In addition, as a well known player by all those sectors he has electability potential that others with similar backgrounds would lack. Name recognition and respect counts for a lot in these things.