Monday, October 29, 2012

Tusker Frigate Free For All

On Saturday I decided to try and make the Tusker Frigate Free For All but I knew I could not dedicate a lot of time to it since it started at 4 pm my time and ran until 8 pm. With 3 kids aged 4, 4, and 2, that's the busiest time of day: supper, playtime, bath, and then bedtime.

But I figured I could sneak away from the action for fifteen minutes right around the start. To save me some time, I moved my main Kirith and alt Korneilia to the Jovainnon system ahead of time.

Side Funny Story: Before heading over to Jov with Kirith, I jumped out of my Rifter to switch clones (+4s at a free for all? HA!) but forgot to jump back into my ship and in my distracted kids-biting-ankles state, did not notice I was flying only my pod until I landed at station in Jov. Fortunately, there were fully fit Merlins for sale on contract at the station so I bought one of those.

Just before the event started I was outside the station with a few other shady looking individuals when an Executioner pilot decided to take a run at me. That, son, only works if you don't get into web-scram range. A good start for me.

When the event started everyone warped to the first asteroid belt. I followed up a second later and landed to find about 50 of my closest friends there, including tgl3 from Through Newb Eyes blog. No time to wave though, there were targets to engage!

I started targeting anything close and tackling it with extreme prejudice. A Tristan, three Rifters(1, 2, and 3), and an Ibis (Hey! he shot first!) felt my wrath before my brave little Merlin crumpled under the firepower of 19 attackers. I admit I went after Rifters and the Tristan over the close by Merlin of VonSpaky simply because I feared I would spend all my firepower shooting at an ASB fitted ship and not get any kills out of it. Two minutes after I died an Incursus I was firing at died and the aforementioned VonSpaky died five minutes after that, giving me a little extra credit.

Once Kirith was safely out of the danger zone, I switched over to Korneilia and sent her into the fray in her trusty (or is it rusty?) Rifter. With her I was able to close the deal on three more Rifters (1, 2, and 3) before Tusker Abellona in her Merlin finished me off as I tried to take out a Punisher.

With that my fifteen minutes of sneaky free time was over as I was instructed to go get Mini-Kodachi #3 up from his nap. I logged off wishing I had more time.

Great job Tuskers!

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  1. Your situation sounds like mine! I had to do a lot of work to earn the short period of time I was allowed to play. lol

    Sorry I missed you, it was chaos at first and I had forgotten I had logged off eight jumps away when I logged on. By the time I got to Jov you were probably already out. Sounds like you had a good time though.