Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Jita Inferno - I Was There

I wanted to participate in the biggest event of 2012 so far but with Kirith's extremely low sec status and a birthday party to prepare for / host / clean up after, I knew I didn't have a lot of time to do much. So I decided to give the gankers a present and sent Korannon up to Jita the week before to buy a nice juicy hauler and throw some amusing cargo into it that would make for a funny killmail.

Originally I was going to buy a freighter, but then I looked at the prices. Yikes! How about an Orca... hmmm, still pretty expensive. So I settled on a new Bustard transport ship and bought some eccentric items for its cargo. Exotic dancers, spiced wines, some drugs, some antibotics, everything you need for a wild party.

Then I undocked.

And waited. And waited some more.

OH someone is targeting me! And then stopped.

Alright, maybe its not in full swing, I thought, it is only Friday evening. I tried again Saturday morning; same result. I tried again Saturday afternoon. No luck. Apparently its not "Burn Jita", its "Burn things in Jita worth our time and money" which I can kind of understand from a financial point of view but make me not as happy as pure anarchy and destruction would have.

So for the fourth try I decided to sweeten the pot of my untanked ship and bought a couple Succubus frigates to throw in the hold to make it more appetizing to the number crunching suicide gankers out there.

That worked! I was scanned and locked by multiple Thrashers and the rounds smashed into my ship with abandon. Soon I was a wreck and I docked up satisfied that I was part of the event.
I wonder who got the Succubus?


  1. I am sadly disappointed at the low ratio of exotic dancers in your cargo.

    And where is the low hanging roe ?

  2. Yeah, the Thrasher gank fleet, which wasn't up very often, was out for fun and cool kill mails, as opposed to the tornado fleet, which clearly had a mandate to get high value trophy freighters only.

  3. I had multiple shuttles pop; I assume for being in IT.

  4. Why a Bustard instead of a simply Badger? Thinking a T2 ship more likely to get popped?

  5. Mainly for making a splash. A Tech1 industrial was too pedestrian.

  6. "Synthetic coffee" -- they have Starfucks in Jita now too?

  7. The janitor lived, lucky bastard.