Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Redesign Eagle Contest - Results

Going through the 7 entries was not easy.

Judging the mechanic proposals required looking at not only how well they make the Eagle better, but how they fit in with the larger game, how easy they would be to implement, and if there were any unintended pitfalls. On top of all that was whether I liked the idea or not. Judging the aesthetic design changes was easier since only three of the entries made any effort at all to change the design, and only one actually included visual aids for me to look at.

I gave a score out of ten for the mechanics proposals, and a score out of ten for the aesthetic design, and thus everyone had a score out of twenty.

3rd Place Winner - 1 x Pirate Frigate (list) ==> Ripard Teg of Jester's Trek blog

I liked his entry for keeping the Eagle as a nominal sniper, but deducted points for his suggestion of creating 280mm railguns which I think is an unlikely extreme that CCP would go to for fixing this ship. His entry didn't have any pictures for changing the design of the hull but at least made some minor proposals in that regard.

2nd Place Winner - 1 x Pirate Cruiser (list) ==> Logan Fyreite of Eve Opportunist blog

This entry was solid on the mechanics and the one entry which I felt had a the best chance of being implemented, very much in line with what I would have proposed for myself. On the graphic changes his entry was weak but at least he offered some pictures of birds to assuage my wrath.

1st Place Winner - 1 x Pirate Battleship (list) ==> aidenmourn of the Finders & Keepers blog

I'll be honest: I was not a big fan of his proposals on mechanic changes. I think that giving a HAC (and a Caldari one at that) a big bonus to warp disruptor range and more damage to effectively turn the Eagle into a Diemos (but better) is not the way to go. However, he more than made up for that by having a thought out proposal and he made a real effort to show a new design for the hull to make it less toaster-oven-ish. So by a slim one point margin he takes first place.

* * * * *
Winners, could you please evemail me the choice of ship you would like and the character name to contract it to?

Thanks for everyone who submitted an entry, and special thanks to Eve News 24 for adding to the prize pool!


  1. Woot! Thanks. ;-) My entry said that I actually *like* the current hull design, with just a few tweaks to modernize it a bit. I realized last week that I'd walked myself into a corner, though. If I'd come in second, I could have easily seen you saying "You win a pirate cruiser. And since you like what the Moa looks like, you win a GILA pirate cruiser. :-P" Hee. Didn't work out that way, I guess.

    And a Dram will be fine. To Ripard Teg, please.

  2. Anonymous2:12 am

    Realized I evemailed you but never said thanks here. Much appreciated and thanks for championing my wacky odd-ball idea. I'll take a Bhaalgorn please, to Aiden Mourn.

    Thanks again!