Friday, December 14, 2012

December Rolls On

At this point I think its safe to say that December 2012 is my best PvP month ever, especially after today's events.

I got some free time at lunch today and logged in. I had no voice comms so it was solo roaming. I decided to try out my Daredevil called Evel so I undocked and went looking for trouble.

In Pynekastoh I warped to a new Novice plex and caught a distracted Caldari pilot in an Imperial Navy Slicer. Melty-melty.

Later on in Ladistier I was hunting and found a war target Corax destroyer and a neutral Merlin. I threw caution to the wind and attacked the Corax and managed to kill it fast enough even though I was dipping into structure. The Merlin had engaged me as I was tied up with the destroyer so now I turned on him and killed him with only 34% structure left and many overheated modules. I was spamming warp just as three war targets landed, a Tristan, Condor and Griffen.

I sped back to Heydieles trailing smoke and nanite paste. I was feeling invincible by this point so grabbed my Ferox and went back to Ladistier. Sure enough the Tristan and Condor were still on the plex gate so I warped in and engaged. However I made a mistake and did not have damage drones but rather ECM drones. The Tristan got in under my guns despite the scram and web I had on him. The Condor kited at 18-20 km, I could not hit either.

I tried to drive the Condor off with null ammo and ECM'd the Tristan with the drones, hoping to get free of the enemy scrams so I could get my MWD on and try to open up range to the Tristan pilot. It worked for a few seconds but then the Griffen came back and I was the victim of their ECM. My Ancilliary Shield Booster made the fight last around 3 minutes but ultimately I was doomed. Well played Caldari. *salute*

I went back to Heydieles and jumped into the Daredevil again. I went a different direction as Ladistier was getting busy. To top off the session I ran into a Caldari pilot in Tama and jumped back to Sujarento with him. I quickly locked him up and dispatched the younger pilot with nary a problem.

With that palette cleanser I went back to base and logged off. At 24 killmails (21 ships and 3 pods) this is my best month ever excluding special events and POS removals. And we're not even half done. \o/

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  1. Awesome! Well played Kirith. At some point you and I need to find each other in space my friend.

    This is also turning out to be one of my favorite months for some reason.