Friday, November 30, 2012

Project Hades Rebooted?

I'm strongly considering restarting my wormhole planetary exploitation operation once again, code named Project Hades.

Essentially Project Hades was a setup in a class two wormhole with a static high sec exit in which I produced Robotics and Coolant using my alt Kornielia. It made some ISK on the scale of 150-200 million per month for very low time investment. I shut it down last year as I didn't have time to run the whole thing and moved Kornielia and her Orca out of the wormhole, but since it was a nice system I left a probing alt inside.

Now, I find myself facing a problem in that I've given up my normal sources of income. I no longer work for the Eve Tribune or EON magazine so my income is now completely dependent on the ISK I get from Eve News 24 for articles they choose to syndicate and my in game activities; activities which tend to cost money and not make money.

So I need to do something to bring in more income before my bank runs out. PvE activities do not seem attractive to an anarchist like me, I prefer to do something more offline. I enjoyed the PI when I was running it so I think I will set that up again.

Now, how best to do it...



    And if you are interested in a C2 Foo can possibly direct you to a joint venture in a currently occupied C2 or a recently discovered WH as well.

    1. BTW he is AZ TZ so communication isn't always ideal...

  2. I make 1.2b to 1.6b each month with five accounts and 50 minutes every four days. PI is truly a great passive income source.