Monday, June 04, 2012

100 Million Milestone

I reached the 100 million skill points today, but its hard to get excited. As my friend pointed out to me when I hit 50 million it is simply a testament to having an active account for a certain amount of time rather than any accomplishment.

Still, its like a birthday, a way to point to my character and say "Why yes, he IS in the 100 million club!"

100 million skill points!
If you look at my pie chart of skill distribution, you can see my largest four categories are Spaceship Command, Gunnery, Drones, and Missile Launcher Operation. This is representative of my character's spread into all four factions and their weapon systems, as well as Caldari capital ships.

Right now Kirith is training Citadel Cruise Missiles IV and then is going into a Drone improvement plan to get some more skills to level V.



    Your chart makes me ashamed of my Industry bar.... (only 68m SP ftr)

  2. Despite that I agree with what you say, only being a testament of a certain amount of time, I think it is still is an occasion to celebrate. And who doesn't want to fly all 4 races up to battleships perfectly, including every T2 vessel? That right there is as good as long term combat motivation can get.

    CELEBRATION, but how?
    Possibly a good old fashioned carrier loss in Lowsec with invitations going out 2 days ahead, so people can (again) form up defensive and attack forces? Ah, always fun :)

  3. Congrats m8! I just passed 64m myself, so I have a ways to go to reach 100, so enjoy your accomplishment. And despite what someone might say, it is worthy of celebration. We work hard on this train!