Friday, November 21, 2014

More Details On Tech 3 Destroyers

Crossing Zebras had an excellent interview with CCP Fozzie and CCP Rise and some new details about the Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers were revealed.

- The most likely way to switch between the modes will be new buttons on the left hand side of the HUD near the cargo and camera and scanner buttons, probably three mutually-exclusive radio buttons, as the functionality is intrinsic to the hull as opposed to a fitting choice.

- Their strength is in switching modes between sniper, speed, and defense so while in one of those modes they will NOT be stronger than contempories specially fitted for those roles. I.e. comparing a Cormorant Sniper to a Tactical Destroyer (aka TacDes) in sniper mode we should see the specialized ship perform better. That being said, they did say that the comparison should be more against the Harpy in this example as its more of the equivalent contemporary in terms of power and price.

- As per above, a TacDes should be in the same ball-field as assault frigates in terms of price (extreme interpretation on my part here)

- The role switching will be done through switching ship hull bonuses

- The relevant bonuses will be very race themed and geared to very straight forward roles. I.e. the Amarr Confessor won't get a neutralizing bonus in one mode as it makes the modules useless in other modes. Basically, you should not feel like you want to change your ship fitting per mode. I expect to see a laser range bonus for sniping mode, speed bonus for speed mode, and armour resistance increase in tank mode, for example for the Confessor.

In my mind, its like having a beam laser fit Corercer with a module on the ship that switches between tracking enhancer and energized adaptive nano membrane and overdrive injector when clicked.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Gallente Tech 3 Tactical Destroyer: Drones or Guns?

I got into a discussion in the super secret podcast channel with Connal Tara of Fly Reckless podcast fame about whether or not the Gallente version of the new Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers should be a drone ship or a gun ship.

His point of view was that Gallente does not need another drone platform as they are "rather prevalent after all" and my counter argument was that the line overall has more gun ships and that except for the Ishtar there are no decent choices for advanced drone ships in the Gallente line.

I thought I would use my blog here to expand on my point.

Ship Hull Type
Atron Frigate Guns
Incursus Frigate Guns
Tristan Frigate Drones
Catalyst Destroyer Guns
Algos Destroyer Drones
Thorax Cruiser Guns
Vexor Cruiser Drones
Myrmidon Battlecruiser Drones
Brutix Battlecruiser Guns
Talos Battlecruiser Guns
Dominix Battleship Drones
Megathron Battleship Guns
Hyperion Battleship Guns
Ares Frigate Guns
Taranis Frigate Guns
Enyo Frigate Guns
Inshkur Frigate Drones
Nemesis Frigate Missiles
Eris Destroyer Guns
Deimos Cruiser Guns
Ishtar Cruiser Drones
Phobos Cruiser Guns
Eos Battlecruiser Drones
Astarte Battlecruiser Guns
Kronos Battleship Guns
Sin Battleship Drones
Proteus Cruiser Mostly Guns

As you can see by my quick chart, most of the ships are gun ships and of the 9 drone ships you see 5 are tech 1 and only 2 of the tech 2 drone ships are main combat ships as opposed to expensive specialty ships. Specifically, the awesome Ishtar heavy assault cruiser and the Ishkur assault frigate which I find rather underwhelming compared to its Tech 1 Incursus ancestor.

On the other hand, there are 16 gun ships excluding the Proteus, 8 of them tech 2, with 3 of them what I would consider "combat" ships: the Taranis, Enyo, and Deimos. Also, if you count the Proteus which is often found in a gun setup when used as a combat ship, that's yet another advanced Gallente ship with guns.

So yeah, I feel that I would most like to see the new tech 3 Tactical Destroyer as a advanced drone boat to balance the scales a bit.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

EVE Industry Status Tool v0.1 Complete

My experiment in Python coding is complete for a first iteration. I present to you, EVE Industry Status Tool version 0.1.

Click to embiggen.
Its rough. No, really rough. I need to work on widget placement strategy, I want to explore tabs because some statuses are more important than others, I want to look into adding contract status, corporate office asset lists, etc. But overall I'm pretty pleased, it gives me 90% of the information I need at a glance without having to log in or fight with EVEMon.

If anyone wants to beta test it, let me know. It requires no installation, just a zip file you unzip to a folder, and a config file you edit to put in your CEO's appropriate key and validating code.


Zloco @4d3m1RR asked on twitter "What is thi EVEOnline Now? #tweetfleet"

So I went to the address and I found this:

It appears to be a unified page of dev blog posts and images. Was this announced and I missed it?

Monday, November 17, 2014

Pod and Planet Fiction Contest

The annual Pod and Planet fiction contest is once again upon us!

As it sounds, it's a fiction writing contest, for stories based on EVE. The stories can be set in the rich world of the New Eden milieu, or in the background of the interactive game world. Your choice-- write, create, sharpen up your story-telling skills, and maybe win a nice prize.

This will be the third one of these in three years. Check out the Reading Bank page for links to the 165 tales the EVE community produced in the first two contests. There was some surprisingly good stuff. By pro writers, regular writers, and people writing fiction for the first time ever. We have some really intelligent and talented people playing this game.
There are 32 billion ISK worth of prizes including a 4 billion ISK top prize. My entry from last year is called The Life of Nina Cruse and while I'm really proud of that piece I was quite bummed when it didn't even register in the honourable mentions for its category. I talked to one of the judges and I suspect that my liberties with the neural transfer technology might have rubbed some of the lore master judges the wrong way in the category that was meant for fiction true to the lore.

No matter, its a new year and a new contest and I plan to enter again! If you have a writer hiding in you I hope you enter too. You have until December 3rd.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Thera Thoughts

Now that I've had time to ruminate about Thera and the related new one hundred Shattered Systems (will they collectively be called S-space or T-Space?) I feel I can pontificate about what these new systems mean.

Thera will be a Fight Club
Akin to low sec, I think we will find that Thera will be a system that no one can completely lock down so medium sized groups will be forced to live along side smaller groups that prey upon the unwary. Logistics should not be too difficult since there is a large number of k-space connections to be made and the four stations will have manufacturing services, but any sort of PvE content or mining will be next to impossible which will limit the upper limit on organizational size (pilots need to make money!). The end result will be a lot of small scale PvP with all classes of ships, especially battleships since there will be no threat of capital escalation threats. Think of any low sec "capital" system like Nennamailia, Huola, Amamake, etc but on a larger scale.

Large Warp Distances Emulate System Jumps Without Bottlenecks
The super large size of Thera means its possible to localize control and combat in various areas with the likelihood of interference from other parts low (although climbing as time goes on in a fight). This reminds me a lot of combat throughout a low sec constellation, except without the bottlenecks in movement that jump gates create. Thera will feel like a small constellation more than a large system, as long as CCP provides enough CPU power.

Standard Shattered Systems will be Day Tripping Systems
Without any ability to set up a POS for long term habitation, normal s-space (I'm going with s-space) will be used by wormholers and k-space day trippers for PvE activities when the opportunity presents itself, but no one is going to live in them. Hunters will check them for contacts when they connect to them too, but I expect the

Small Ship Shattered Systems will be Wastelands
I appreciate what CCP is trying to do here, i.e. create a set of systems that encourages smaller ship activities that have a lower barrier of entry to lower skill point pilots, but... these systems are not going to have even daytrippers very interested in them. Even with the Wolf-Rayet effects I suspect the ships are going to have a slow time doing PvE, and PvP needs a base of targets to escalate to the point where PvPers run into each other often enough while hunting. I picture these systems to be like non-faction warfare low sec systems that lack stations, planets, and moons. Desolate.

Fuck POSes
I find it very interesting that there are no moons in s-space, including Thera. One can speculate that since originally Wormhole space was intended to be a place players visited for PvE and PvP for short or extended stays, but not actually lived in (hence the lack of ice mining for POS refueling), CCP was taken aback when players simply adapted to the logistics involved in importing POS fuel and made their homes in all levels of w-space anyways. So new s-space seems to say "Fuck POSes" by making sure it is impossible to set them up instead of merely difficult or improbable. Never bet against player ingenuity.

The lack of POSes in s-space will severely limit the ability of players to setup shop in these systems. Will small groups find a way to get an Orca or three in a system and try to live out of them by being very careful when they log the Orca pilot on? I'm sure someone will try it (I did it in a class 1 wormhole for a year).

Overall I get the feeling that s-space is meant to be like NPC null sec in how its a jumping stone between k-space and full on w-space.

* * * * *

Now, some questions I don't have answers for.

How does Thera and s-space relate to the new space and the new jump gates? Does it represent the first wave of new space, or completely just an extension of w-space?

Will there be a public service made by a third party giving the current locations of Thera's statics so people can make roams there off the cuff? I bet its already being planned.

Does the concept of a huge system that emulates a small constellation have traction in future design plans? Will n-space (new space, natch) be made up of multiple Thera-sized systems? Will there be any wormholes or jump gates at all in n-space?

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Google Analytics Site Report For Ovtober

I don't blog for the page hits, but Google Analytics likes to send an email every month telling me how unpopular my blog is anyways. I thought I would share this time.

 4500 visitors in a month? Not too shabby. Over a hundred a day if I do my math right?

 Shout out to my American friends and neighbours! That's right, neighboUrs!

 Where are all you unique visitors coming from?! Well, welcome to the blog anyways!

I don't know what's funnier, that I got two visits because of warhammer minis I have not touched in 6 years except to sell them, or another hit was "a person throwing another..." under a bus. That's right, come here for the best technique on taking someone by the scruff of the neck and throwing them under a bus.

 I wonder if they want me to sign up for Adwords?

 Huge shoutout to my favourite CSM Sugar Kyle for the blog referrals. And Ripard, I still miss your blog and I know I'm not alone.

That's right! Get out!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thoughts on the Tactical Destroyers

An interesting question came up on Derping through War podcast regarding the new Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers and it got me to thinking about how these new ships are going to fit into and alter the meta.

The question on the podcast was did they think that these new destroyers would be able to fit into Small faction warfare complexes. For faction warfare pilots like them and myself, its a very relevant question because it impacts the attack and defense of those plexes very much.

Right now, smalls can be entered by Tech 1, 2, and faction frigates and Tech 1 and 2 destroyers. Since Tech 2 destroyers only have a moderate offensive and defensive advantage over the capable Tech 1 destroyers while having a much higher base cost (not to mention their primary role of firing interdiction probes which does not work in low sec), there is no real incentive to using them to dominate the small plexes. Tech II frigates, notably Assault Frigates, are on par with Tech 1 destroyers for the most part in this battlefield so either choice can work.

However, if Tech 3 destroyers are allowed into the small complexes as well, the power balance could be changed dramatically if these new ships boast offensive and/of defensive capabilities far beyond their Tech 1 cousins and Tech II frigates. It could potentially reach the point where the fleet with the most Tech 3 destroyers owns the small plexes and become required assets for a serious push on a system, thus freezing out smaller groups with less resources to pull upon.

I suspect that CCP will disallow them in the small plexes due to the precedent set for the Tech 3 cruisers. While Tech 1 and 2 cruisers can enter the medium complexes, Tech 3 cruiser cannot; they can only enter large complexes like all other ships.

In the end I suspect that the Tactical Destroyers will only be allowed in medium complexes where they compete for supremacy with cruisers, and that begs the question... how good will these things be in their three different configurations? Its not hard to imagine a ships with base Tech II stats but sports frigate speed in speed configuration, cruiser DPS in damage mode, and cruiser tank in defensive mode.

And that has some interesting possibilities.

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