Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Initial Post Fanfest Thoughts

Disclaimer: I have not had time to dig into all of the information released about the new Abyssal pockets, Triglavian NPCs, and mutation mechanics for modules coming for the May expansion Into The Abyss. But here are some initial thoughts I have from the event and what I did pick up.

New Space: The Abyssal space sounds like just another type of wormhole space, but leaving nothing to chance this time to ensure players don't unexpectedly decide to move in and live there. On one hand that makes me disappointed about long term exploration possibilities since its basically feels like just instanced mission dungeons, but on the other hand I'm excited for the weird effects and environments these pockets can have and the new PvE content that they can host.

New Ships, New Weapon System: Ambivalent overall. I love the look of these new ships, but the new weapon system that increases damage over time (hello Inferno Dragon!) sounds great at first, like a weapon that smaller groups could employ against larger super fleets, but I suspect much like Strategic Cruisers, will find greatest use in mass numbers that large coalitions can bring together. Big losers might be the smaller elite groups that depend on up-shipping to maintain dominance.

Module Mutations: Random mechanics always sound neat at first, just like invention did when it first released. But here is a hard truth about random mechanics: you do enough of them, the randomness is eliminated via statistics. Ultimately the randomness will only punish the small guys trying out the mechanics, and the big producers will reap the benefits of the new powerful modules. Plus balancing these new mutated modules is going to be a pain, and ultimately will be the new benchmark for PvP ships if they come down in price. Remember, cost is not good a balancing factor.

Overall the feeling is hopeful pessimism. A lot of the devil is in the details of this expansion, so I eagerly await the dev blogs on some of this new material.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Triglavian Medium Cruiser in Yulai

One of the new Triglavian ships was in Yulai for a couple days this past weekend and I took my sightseeing alt Ninveah there to check it out and take some pictures.

Pictures do not do this model justice. Even with all the damage it is a beautiful ship.

WHAT WE KNOW: quick summary, we know there are three new ship models for the Triglavian Collective, frigate, cruiser (above), and battleship. We suspect that these ships are beating the snot out of Drifters (who are also getting a couple new ship models). The ship above was piloted by a CONCORD NPC and was "in quarantine" before docking at the DED station.

I currently suspect that these are going to be new "pirate" faction ships, perhaps to fill the Caldari-Minmatar crossover. Or rather I hope so. More NPC ships a la the Drifters would kinda suck.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Fanfest is Coming... I Hope Its Good

Last year's EVE Fanfest in Iceland left me feeling un-enthused about EVE and it has lingered for the interceding year, culminating in my plea from January, "Come on CCP, give me something to blog for".

Since then we have heard whisperings about new ships from heretofore unknown faction called the Triglavian Collectivenew Drifter ships, and improvements to Upwell structure mechanics. My interest has been piqued.

I'm cautiously optimistic about Fanfest this year, I'm hoping for a big reveal or two that will energize me going into the next year. I have no illusions about Faction Warfare getting any love though; I'm optimistic, not insane.

Come on CCP, give me something more to blog for. :)

Friday, March 23, 2018

Peace In Our Time... For Now

The war is over!

Earlier this week CONCORD invalidated the war against my corp and the engines of industry were spun up once again. I had done a little bit of hauling and building after the initial crisis had past and it seemed like the war deccers were not interested in attacking my Raitaru again.

I put up some structures last week and was startled by the prices they were listed at, higher than I remembered back in February. Looking at the markets today I see that mineral prices have not increased dramatically but structure prices in Dodixie have improved for manufacturers.

So maybe this fiscal period can be saved over the next month.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Right Place Right Time

This past Sunday night I gathered a fleet for my Sunday Night Roam and went out looking for trouble in the wilds of Black Rise, Essence, and Placid regions. News was that the Caldari Militia was out in force taking systems and achieving the lofty heights of Tier 4 warzone control so I was hoping to find some with my friends and shoot them in the face.

We were successful:

The biggest kills were all the result of our fleet being in the right place at the right time:

Bhaalgorn - We saw the battleship in space and the Calmil pilot logged off at a gate, we assume disconnect. We tried to probe down the ship but were too slow. Suddenly he logs back in and warp back to the gate as part of the log in... right where our hungry fleet awaited.

Cruor - Our scouts were engaging a Loki in the next system and as soon as point was called the fleet jumped in and warped to the scout. The Loki was too fast and got away... but as we landed a Caracal and Cruor landed trying to gank our scout. Tackled and dead.

Tengu - Heading home, sitting on the Hikkonken gate, this non-cloaky strategic cruiser warps to the gate where we are sitting and we jump through with him. No escape, tacked and dead.

Sometimes you need to be more lucky than good.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The War Drags On

My industrial corp is still under the war declaration but the hostiles that dec'd it have decided to do absolutely nothing about it. I guess its their money to burn?

So instead of waiting idly I snuck some parts back into the Raitaru and built some structures, and then spirited them off to Dodixie markets which are looking at lot more profitable than they were a few months ago. Either the changes to mechanics have removed competitors or the over saturated market drove them out. Doesn't matter, I'll take it.

Now I just need for my weekends to stop being stupidly busy and exhausting.

Thursday, March 01, 2018

To Top It All Off

What a month February has been!

A family member dying (expected) and another family member requiring triple bypass heart surgery (unexpected) and the accompanying funerals and hospital visits and multiple hours of driving over weekends in a row... and I was pretty wiped out this past Monday.

So when I logged in to start manufacturing jobs in my Raitaru I was not altogether shocked to see life deal another unexpected blow to my sanity. My alt corp had been war dec'd.

I tried some negotiation first as I saw the small 4 man corp's CEO was once a member of a Gallente Militia corporation but to no avail. According to him they had been contracted to remove my Engineering complex from the high sec system but for the low price of 600 million they could be convinced to leave it alone.

Yeah, I'm not new here. Either he runs a terrible mercenary corp that does not follow through on contracts, or he's running a shake down. Either way, I politely declined and turned to my alliance for advice as the report of my structure being put into armour was received the next day.

They did not disappoint.

Immediately they told me to open the war declaration to allies and FEDUP joined. The next day even though the reinforcement timer ended at 4pm in the afternoon my time, the call was put out and for pilots to help defend and when the time came a fleet of 12+ pilots answered the call, as well as myself with Kirith in the gunner's seat (since he could not be in a spaceship without attracting the police) and my alt Korneilia in a Hurricane.

A single war target showed up in local as the clock ticked down, and promptly left without a word. The 15 minute repair timer completed successfully and for now, the Raitaru is safe.
Huge shout out to FEDUP's Euro pilots who turned out in a big way for me, I super appreciate it.

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