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A History of Blog Banters

Originally the brainchild of the Blogfather, Crazy Kinux, blog banters are single topics discussed across the EVE blogging community. It encourages the sharing of ideas and cross-pollination of readership. All in all a healthy thing for a community.

Crazy Kinux nurtured the Blog Banters at Crazy Kinux's Musing from inception in October 2008 to March 2011. 
Following Crazy Kinux's departure from the EVE Blogosphere, stewardship of the Blog Banter concept found a home here at Freebooted from Aug 2011 until May 2013. With a tweak to the traditional format, the individual banters evolved to contribute to a final summary designed to give the reader a broad overview of every blogger's perspective. 
In June 2013, I (Seismic Stan) stepped down for various reasons and passed the EVE Blog Banter community initiative on to the capable stewardship of Kirith Kodachi at Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah. Head over there for the latest banter activity..
What is a Blog Banter?

A blog banter is an event where a topic is presented to all EVE bloggers and they can choose to write about if they want in any style they choose. Then, on the main Blog Banter page on this website where the topic is presented I will link all contributing posts that include the Blog Banter header text and link back to the page. This allows for a communication on a single topic and a sharing of readership and ideas through a cross section of the player-base.

Here are the previous blog banters:

April 2015 - BB63 - Customization

Super Kerr Induced Nanocoating, new structures that can be fit like ships with modules, the promise of player built stargates... the ability to shape your space and change the look of your ships is finally coming to EVE. What other customization options of EVE would you like to have? What would you like to do to be able to shape space and environments? What would you like to change just for you in the client or in any 3rd party tools?

February 2015 - BB62: ReIncarnated

What is and/or should be the future for walking in stations?

December 2014 - BB61: Origin State

What would we encourage ALL new players to do in their first month to get them to subscribe long term, if we had to give out one set of advice for everyone (which we do if we're giving general advice)?

November 2014 - BB60: Measuring Success

With Phoebe about to land, CSM Minutes now out, and more of CCP Seagull's vision from Eve Vegas it appears CCP has a bold roadmap, is making big changes, and is willing to take a hit in the short term to see it through. What do you see as the measurable signs that will tell us that they've succeeded? What outcome will we see as players? Is it concurrent player count or something else?

October 2014 - BB59: Terrain

Probably been done before... What about local force projection (as opposed to the longer distance force projection that is often talked about)? I think of 'terrain' in EVE to be how systems are mapped together by gates. Strong tactics which exploit terrain have historically been extremely important in deciding battle outcomes. How does this apply in EVE in the presence of cynos?

August-September 2014 - BB58: Money

Where is the line to be drawn when a service attempts to monetize in order to offset costs and/or make a profit? Is asking for donations in Real Life cash too far (I realize CCP considers it unacceptable right now)? Selling non-EVE trademarked goods acceptable? Asking for money to pay for efforts in setting up EVE meetups? Should these all be scrutinized?

June 2014 - BB57: Understanding

What (if any) responsibility do veterans players have in finding these players and instructing them on the finer arts of ship fitting? If it exists, does it extend beyond them into teaching PvP skills, ISK making skills, market skills, social skills, life skills...

May 2014 - BB56: Upheaval

The common wisdom in EVE Online is that, beyond the odd high-value moon or Faction Warfare scam, there's little in low sec or NPC null sec to the attract ongoing attention of the big-dogs of null sec, with their large fleets and super cap doctrines. It's assumed that NPC space simply isn't worth the bother of controlling even if one could control it.
Is this about to change?

April 2014 - BB55: Famous or Infamous

Write about somebody who is "space famous" and why you hate/admire them, somebody who isn't space famous but you think should be or will be, or discuss space fame in general, what it means, and how people end up so famous.

March 2014 - BB54: Heroes

Do classic heroes exist in EVE? Is such heroism even possible in EVE? How would you go about being one without opening yourself wide open to scams? Is the nature of the game so dark that heroes can't exist? How do you deal with that irony? What effect does this have on us and the psyche of new players coming in from other MMOs? Is it something special that we don't have classic heroes, or should we? Are our non classic heroes more genuine?

February 2014

BB53: The Overview

The Overview. Is it sufficient? If not how can it be improved? Is there some way to replace it? Does it give too much information, or not enough? Please be creative and specific as the overview currently is the heartbeat of the GUI.

Janurary 2014

BB52: The Other Side

For the past four and a half years, the graph has hovered around that 30,000 mark; it is, for all intents and purposes, a plateau. But everything must come to an end sooner or later and that is what this blog banter is about. What's on the other side of that plateau?

November / December 2013

BB51: The Shakes

EVE Online can be a game of heart-pounding, palm-sweating, adrenaline-fueled ecstasy or agony. Sometimes over the years those reactions dim and what was once a panic inducing situation becomes commonplace routine. For some, the shakes never go away.

October 2013

BB50: Changes

With the Rubicon expansion being announced and the SOMER Blink scandals (or non-scandals depending on your point of view) that have erupted on the community at the same time, it truly feels like an age of EVE has passed and a new one is dawning.

September 2013

BB49: Rich

What is "rich" in EVE? Is it simply having more ISK than most everyone else, is it measured in raw numbers of some other ethereal quality? Can you actually be poor? Have you ever lost nearly everything and had to claw your way back? If you are rich, how do you know and how did you get rich?

August 2013

BB48: Lore

How important is “fluff” in Eve online? Would eve online be the same if it were purely numbers and mechanics, or are the fictional elements important to the enjoyment of the game?

July 2013

BB47: Knowledge

Is EVE too complex for one person to know everything? Is it, in fact, too complex for one person to know everything about one topic?

SUMMARY BY Snipereagle1

April 2013

BB46: The Main Event

How can prime fiction live events work alongside the day-to-day player-driven narrative?

SUMMARY BY Flying Silent

March 2013

BB45: Propaganda

The art of manipulation is a staple of the EVE metagame. The banter community chews over the concept.


February 2013

BB44: Is There Anybody Out There?

The divisive topic of the local chat channel falls under the sights of the banteratti and is requested as a Blog Banter by community members.


January 2013

BB43: Celebrating the Nation of EVE

Kicking off the new Eden New Year and the start of the awards season by applauding our peers and embarrassing our enemies.


More Blog Banters at Freebooted Blog.


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