Monday, December 08, 2014

Blog Banter #61 - Origin State

Welcome to the continuing monthly EVE Blog Banters and our 61st edition and last of 2014! For more details about what the blog banters are visit the Blog Banter page.

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The new This is EVE trailer has combined with a lot of community enthusiasm to generate a massive uptick on new character creation. There has been a lot of buzz about how to help and funnel those new players into fun and satisying careers in Eve. For example:

Target Caller blog by Talvorian Dex: Target Caller: What Newbies Need to Know About Eve
EVEHERMIT by EVE Hermit: The wrong way
Lowsec Lifestyle by CSM Sugar Kyle: Rambling: Vestment
The Nosy Gamer: Learning Anti-Social Behavior

TurAmarth asks this question: "What would we encourage ALL new players to do in their first month to get them to subscribe long term, if we had to give out one set of advice for everyone (which we do if we're giving general advice)?"

UPDATE: Talvorian Dex to kkodachi 11:39 AM
Just an FYI... the question was mine, actually. Tur was quoting me in his reply. ;) Nice to see that you took our suggestion! I'm curious to see the responses.

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Sand, Cider, and Spaceships - Online Darwinism
Eveoganda - Your First Month in Eve
Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah -  EVE 101
Low Sec Lifestyle - Freedom Must be Taken
Aggressive Logistics - The Wonder
The Ancient Gaming Noob - This is EVE and EVE is Different
Khanid Kataphract - Chapter 1
Dog's Breath - Rules to Live By
Morphisat's Blog - Hang in there
Align to Ramble - Experiment
Jump for ISK - Origin State


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