Monday, September 01, 2014

Blog Banter #58 - Money

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"SHOW ME THE MONEY!" - Jerry Maguire

The SOMERBlink fiasco from last summer and then again this summer (link:, resulting in the service's ultimate shutdown has opened the floor to the discussion or monetization of services once again.

Do you think CCP was right in its reaction? Was SOMERBlink justified in trying to monetize its service via plex sales kickbacks? Was it true RMT or grey area RMT?

More generally, where is the line to be drawn when a service attempts to monetize in order to offset costs and/or make a profit? Is asking for donations in Real Life cash too far (I realize CCP considers it unacceptable right now)? Selling non-EVE trademarked goods acceptable? Asking for money to pay for efforts in setting up EVE meetups? Should these all be scrutinized?

And should you want to dig deeper, should players be allowed to reverse redeem plex for cash? Does this already not exist in programs like Plex for fanfest packages or video cards? Is it right?

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  3. Here's mine, with a possible part 2 later:

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    I bantered. Well, more like rambled.

  5. Universal Greed

  6. EVE and RMT:

  7. what you're dealing with is a system that promotes the idea that somewhere out there are people sitting at their computers actively grinding away for isk to turn into Real Money.

    srsly? how much time would i have to put in for 800m isk which is $20. certainly not an hour...So explain to me why i should 'work' for less than minimum wage?

    I really find the idea of grinding just to play for free to be absolutely silly...and the epitome of the greed concept