Friday, April 20, 2012

Fiction Friday: Series 4 - Part 23

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"The station's shields are fluxing! Dammit!" our FC shouted into comms. It was true; my ship's senses could see the energy lines of the powerful barriers of the station begin to change and expand their field of effect towards the stricken carrier. We have failed, I thought, she's going to get away.

Suddenly a blinding flash erupted from the midsection of the Archon. With a reverberating subspace shock-wave the capital ship's main generators cascaded into meltdown and broke through their containment fields, resulting in a massive explosion that tore the ship in two. The station's shields stopped their advance, stayed partially extended for a moment while looking for its target, and then retreated back to their default configuration.

"WE DID IT!" I yelled.

"Get the pod, get the pod!" Max ordered on comms over the cheering. But it was too late, the pod was on the other side of the wrecks and quickly evaded our target locks by docking into the station.

I brought up my private comm channel that was still open with Blodel. I could tell even through the avatar that she was livid. "If you know what's best for you, Blodel," I said as matter-of-factly as she once said these words to me, "you will accept this punishment I have placed upon you and let it end here." I terminated the connection before she could respond and warped off with the fleet.

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