Friday, June 17, 2011

Fiction Friday - Series 4: Prologue

The recon cruiser slipped into the warp tunnel while its cloaking field activated, making it appear to any observers as if it stretched out while shifting into nothingness. With red shifted space behind and blue shifted space in front, it glided unseen through the system to its destination.

It dropped out of warp while maintaining the cloak. The desolate moon was off the starboard bow and there was no sign of any mining operations or starbases, nor of any other ship activity.

The ship paused there, still cloaked, while its commander checked directional scanners and pinged the CONCORD outpost feed for pod pilot activity. Both came back negative so the ship disengaged the cloaking device and as it came into view starlight from the distant sun reflected off a golden hull polished to a sheen.

The pilot within a pod within the ship gave a mental command and a cynosaural field generator spun into activity while consuming vast amounts of liquid ozone to cool its sub-spatial manifold coils. The fabric of space screamed as it was ripped by the energies and a pulse faster than light raced from the originating point to all points via the subspace structure of the universe. Deftly encoded in the pulse was an identification code so that those listening for a specific signature of a beacon would recognize it.

Moments after the energies streamed from the rip in space there was another larger sub space flux as a wormhole appeared a few thousand meters from the beacon and mass detectors in the recon ship flared as a new ship passed through the artificial passage. The wormhole collapsed and left behind the gleaming golden hull of an Amarrian Archon carrier. While the two ships initiated handshake protocols and AI networking for most efficient fleet coordination, the two pod pilots inside exchanged pleasantries.

"Welcome to Holden Heath, my lord."

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