Friday, October 07, 2011

Fiction Friday - Series 4 : Part 9

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* * * * *

I hurriedly rechecked the displays and warp cord readouts and confirmed that my on board computer was telling the truth. I was warp scrambled. More indicators turned red as the recon ship activated energy neutralizer beams on my engineering core and drones flew out of its underbelly to start attacking my defenses.

I furiously activated on board comms to my XO. "Odonnelson! Contact the CONCORD office of this shitty little system and find out what is taking them so long!"

"I already have, sir," she replied, completely unruffled by my emotion or the attack. "They have stated that everything in system is under operational norms."

"We're being attacked by a hostile capsuleer and we're not at war with them. How is that normal?"

"They seem to think we are at war with them, sir."

"Tell them to recheck their database!"

"Yes sir, I have. They say it will be a few minutes..."

I swore again. "We may not have a few minutes. Check info that pilot's corp and cross reference with capsuleers reported on the local registry, we need to find out if he's got friends incoming." I disconnected without waiting for a reply, I knew I could count on my crew.

I opened the channel to Kla'strit and Luccul. "I'm warp scrammed, being neuted, and attacked by drones."

"He got kill rights or something on you?" Kla'strit inquired.

"Negative, Kla. I'm clean."

"Then why the hell is he not getting CONCORDed?"

"CONCORD office is saying we're at war with them."

"What the hell?!" He went silent for a minute, I watched my shield and energy levels slowly descend. I decided to launch my drones to try and kill his but he quickly responded with his own and I knew that was a battle I could not win with his larger drone bay.

"Ok, something weird is going on here," Kla'strit finally said. "Our corp interface is not responding. I can't tell if we are really at war or not. I've got no notifications in my inbox but I can't confirm it..."

I cut into his musings. "Its going to be a moot point if I blow up."

"Right! I'll dock up and get my Hurricane, hold tight." My shields were at 45%. "Ok, but hurry," I replied.

My bridge comm beeped and I connected back to my XO. "CONCORD is not coming, no other members of ... " - she paused as she looked at his comm - " ... Excelsior Rex Limited in local."

I felt my tight muscles loosen a bit. A single pilgrim might have been able to take me alone down eventually, but not with a Drake and Hurricane backing me up. We were going to get out of this it looked like.

A chime sounded as shields hit 35%.

"Come on, Kla. I'm dying here."


  1. Not going to shoot ? ?

    16 guns and nothing firing ?

  2. The pilgrim is already under the big railguns' tracking. Also, the Rokh is mission fit with no decent propulsion mod to try and pull the pilgrim in behind during chase. So firing would be a waste of precious capacitor.