Friday, November 04, 2011

Fiction Friday - Series 4 : Part 12

"Captain, you may begin your attack run on the salvation rafts."

I woke up in a world of blue goo. I fought the panic of being unable to breath and waited for what seemed like forever for the decanting process to begin. With a clunk and a swoosh I slipped onto the basin beneath the clone vat and coughed up a lungful of the nutrient bath.

"Sir? This is Odonnelson. I'm getting reports from other life boats... there is something wrong..."

Two burly techs come over and help me to get to the showers. My new muscles are not responding right yet and the lights are still too bright for my unadjusted eyes. They roughly deposit me in a seat and turn on a warm shower that helps bring my body temperature up as well as clean me off. Eventually my body stops shivering.

" craft destroyed... I've ordered the rest to make their way to the wreck, maybe the fighters will miss them in the debris... too far away though... I fear they won't make CONCORD channel access in these things..."

I leave the stall and find myself in a small change room with a cloning facility disposable overall, nothing fancy. I put it on and sit down on the seat. A commode is also here, built into the wall. I throw up into it.

"...they are not stopping... sensors indicate we are being locked... sir, it has been an honour serving with y-"

My head is pounding even more than usual. Somehow I find the strength to stand up and leave the change room. The facility doctor gives me a 30 second check up before signing me out and letting me leave.

"If you know what's best for you, Mr Kodachi, you will accept this punishment I have placed upon you and let it end here."

As I make my way back to my quarters on the station, my agony slowly turns to ice cold rage.


  1. Perhaps this is why some EVE players say that they don't have crew on board - that its just their pods.

    The guilt would be too much for them.

    Good story

  2. Awesome post,can't wait to read what happens next