Friday, March 16, 2012

Fiction Friday: Series 4 - Chapter Part 19

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The battleship thrummed underneath me, massive power core generators idling as the ship coasted in space far from any celestial objects. The local comm relay reported only me and one regular neutral in Teshkat. I had been waiting for two full days already. My contacts on the Impro station were reporting the movements of Blodel since she docked three days ago. While she took care of her tasks I waited.

The alliance was on low alert and ordered to steer clear of Teshkat. They were off working logistics near Tash-Murkon Prime or deeper in the Sukanan constellation clearing out the latest Nation outpost or lounging on stations in the pubs or quarters. A quiet night in Sukanan.

A new message arrived from one of my spies. It said one word: "BOARDING". 

I mentally stretched and the ship's power levels increased in response, the warp core field generator spinning up and weapon mounts pre-heating. Shield technicians ran to their stations to ensure the best possible match for incoming energies and debris.

The Insisto Oblivium II was ready for battle.

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