Friday, February 19, 2010

Fiction Friday: Chapter 14

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Holo recording transcriptions from cell block 44, cell 13 on 03/23/107:

1602: occupant: "Is my brother ok? No one is telling me anything."

1632: occupant: "Please, I'll tell you everything. Come back."
1632: officer Horez: "Stay away from the door citizen."

1706: occupant: "Rusack! He had the gun! Make sure you bring him in for questioning!"

1707: occupant: "My brother, they took him to the hosiptal. Please find out if he's alright!"

1953: occupant: "Why won't anyone tell me about my brother?"
1953: officer Horez: "Back away from the bars."


0601: officer Celtar: "Breakfast."
0601: occupant: "Please, I need to know about my brother!"
0601: officer Celtar: "Back off citizen!"
0601: occupant: "OW FUCK! I just... I just want to know if he's ok!"

1144: officer Celtar: "How's the arm?"
1145:  officer Celtar: "Fine, be that way. Its your own fault, the sign clearly states to stay away from the bars and keep your hands and feet inside."


1902: occupant: sobbing


0601: officer Celtar: "Gonna eat today?"
0601: occupant: "Please, I'll confess to it all. I'll tell you anything. Just tell me my brother is ok."
0601: officer Celtar: "Alright, more food for cell 45."
0601: occupant: "NO COME BACK! PLEASE!"

0609: occupant: "Why are they doing this to me?"