Friday, January 08, 2010

Fiction Friday: Chapter 10

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I left Inspector Sintol's apartment with him tied up securely to a chair and pulled out my comm as I approached the elevators. My brother's anxious voice answered on the second beep, "Hello?"

"Got anything?"

"No," he answered dejectedly. "I've gone over all the paperwork but there is no number except the one we already have for Rusack."

"OK, I might have a lead. Meet me at the main hab lifts."

"A lead? How?"

"Just meet me."

I took the elevator lift down to the main level and waited impatiently outside them for what felt like forever while my brother made his way up from the depths of the station. Finally he walked into view and I shepherded him into a lift with other members of the station public making their way home, silencing his questions with a stern look and an elbow to the ribs.

It took a few minutes to make several stops at lower floors before the lift was empty except for us around level 60. I hit the button for level 81 and finally filled my brother in on the happenings since I left him.

"You weren't really going to hurt him," Korannon stated as if he was trying to convince me and himself.

"I don't know, Kor. I'm not sure what I wouldn't do right now. I'm so fucking pissed." I rubbed my head. "We gotta get that money."

"At least get our money back."

"NO!" I said. "We're getting what we deserve."

My brother was taken aback by my anger and I was surprised as well. The stress and lack of sleep of the past few days was catching up to me and I took some breaths to try and calm down. The elevator stopped with the indicator on 81 and feeling a bit calmer, I slapped my brother on the shoulder as the doors opened and we exited.

"We'll get what we deserve."

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