Friday, February 19, 2010

Introducing Tyrannis Expansion

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!: Introducing Tyrannis:

It‘s that time of year again. CCP‘s developers have finished planning and preparing and have started work on the next expansion for EVE Online. The exact release date will be announced later, but let‘s say that it will happen before the summer solstice.

What‘s in the package?

For a long time we have had people asking us for more options to build up their own infrastructure. It‘s something that comes up frequently at Fanfest, in past CSMs and during casual conversations with players. There seems to be some deep Freudian desire to erect something monumental. To make stuff. To create something new. At last Fanfest we announced our plans to allow you, the pod-pilots of New Eden, to shift your foci away from the heavens for a moment, onto the planets. In Dominion, we gave the planets a facelift, updating the graphics with beautiful landscapes, awe inspiring deserts, peaceful Ewok-friendly green worlds and violent burning lava fields. But that was just eye candy, right? Well, not quite. In our upcoming expansion, Tyrannis, ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS.

I'm so in favour of this! Sounds something like what I envisioned. Time for a new post label.


  1. I had to facepalm as soon as I read the whole expansion description. Didn't we just get something like this with the stupid wormholes? The EVE Gate thing is cool but otherwise this looks like it is going to be a huge let down.

    Here is to hoping that Walking In Stations or a revamp to lowsec will finally, finally happen with the next xpac after this :/

  2. Most disappointing expansion I've seen in 3 years. To the point that I'm actually pissed off about it.

  3. Wow, really? Personally, I always found that planets being essentially nothing but a spot in space as a let down. Having planetary interaction is a step towards a more dynamic universe in which to participate in.

    What exactly did you want instead?

  4. What I wanted was at least SOME new content for outlaws that reflects and embraces the outlaw nature of low sec.

  5. Anonymous7:07 pm

    I'm hoping we don't have to wait until Tyrannis for the lag issue to get fixed. That was a very unfortunate side effect that arrived with Dominion, and I think it should be addressed as soon as they can. It's such a serious breakage, imo, that it ought to be top priority.

    (Yes I know that all of CCP can't work on the lag problem, and that work on the next expansion can go ahead while they work on the lag. It's just the way they lumped the lag issue under the Overall Improvements heading for the Tyrannis announcement that gives some cause for concern.)

  6. I'm surprised at the disappointment. I would figure that low-sec, being as vast as it is, will be rife with people wanting to manage their local planets.

    All it will take is for claim of such planets to be contestable by force of arms and Pirates get a wonderful thing I like to call 'bait'.

    Fire a shot at the unoccupied planetary control unit (dibs on this name...), then wait for the industrialists to arrive.

    Has the potential to bring some new space-hijinks winging their way to my RSS Reader ;)

    Fly straight!

  7. My first thought was "Wow! A whole expansion devoted to the Gallente Interceptor! I'm going to have to cross-train."

    Now I've read the dev blog it's clearly leading into DUST514 where console players will shoot each other on our behalf.

    Which was pretty inevitable and I'm surprised the pirates are disappointed. Piracy seems (from the outside) pretty healthy - didn't all you guys just have a blast with Hulkageddon 2? Also the 0.0 epic arcs are a white knuckle ride to a faction ship reward which is mainly useful for solo/small gang pvp.

    You're not all that hard done by.

  8. Anonymous7:02 am

    Sounds like the tie in to Dust 514 :D


  9. It sounds good to me. Low sec may find new ways to make isk with planets. Maybe producing illegal items or moon mining? I'm just hoping moon mining or planet resources will be accessable in Empire as well.