Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here are some screenshots from the fighting on Tuesday evening. As usual, click to engorge.

Here is our fleet attacking the TCU while the U'K and allied fleet looks on from the safety of the Player Owned Station. Occasionally they would venture out to fight, but retreat back to the POS as our heavier firepower came to bear.

Here is the fleet preparing for a warp.

In the safety of a friendly POS, we regroup and prepare for another assault.

And here are the promised pictures of my new dreadnought, christened the Lord Rhavoc.

Undocking from the station beside a Raven battleship, you can see the size difference. Both ships are the same distance from the camera.

Close up of the prow. You can see one of the Citadel Torpedo Launchers on the starboard side.

Sunlight glinting off the hull; mysteries below buried beneath the clouds.

That's about as poetic as I get. Carry on.


  1. Beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

    Have you got any kills with the Lord Rhavoc yet? It would be nice to hear you talk about what it's like to fight with it.

  2. No action for the dreadnought yet, just got it fitted out the other night. PLus all the current fighting has been sub-cap fleets. But if it gets out there, I'll definitely post about it :)

  3. Wow, great images but that fleet shot is really cool!