Tuesday, June 02, 2009

May In Review

Hello June! A couple days late but what can you do? I was busy.

Here's how the numbers fared in May:

MonthPage LoadsUnique VisitorsFirst Time VisitorsReturning Visitors
May 2009 11,507 7,620 5,026 2,594
Apr 2009 11,064 7,328 4,488 2,840
Mar 2009 14,452 8,957 5,733 3,224
Feb 2009 8,997 5,678 3,488 2,190
Jan 2009 5,772 4,013 2,597 1,416

While we managed to keep the number of unique vistors from dropping from the March high of Apocrypha, the number of return visits dropped some more. Still doing better than pre-Apocrypha though and I'm confident we shall continue to grow. Busiest day in May was the 27th with 688 page loads! That was the result of my Eve Meme I started and got a lot of traction with thanks to the mind-slaves I compelled to do my bidding.

Those were the numbers from StatCounter.com, let's see what Google Analytics had to say. It tells me I had 10491 page views, 6056 visits, and 3110 unique visitors in May. And most popular day was May 27th with 223 visitors. I'm going to run both counters side by side for a couple more months and see how they compare in terms of numbers. Since Google Analytics gives lower numbers, I'm more likely to believe them.

What did I do in May? I finally got my Nightmare Faction battleship up and running (but no chance for mission trial run yet), our corporation joined the Intrepid Crossing Alliance and moved out to the Drone regions to help out in their war, and I finally got the Ninveah out of the hanger to use in a fleet.


  1. "Since Google Analytics gives lower numbers, I'm more likelt to believe them."

    How does that possibley make sense?!? What would make you believe that StatCounter is fabricating visits??

    I find Google Analytics also gives lower numbers than SiteMeter.... if anything I'd be inclined to believe that GA is *MISSING* visits and thus is LESS accurate.

  2. I just put Google Analytics on my blog yesterday and I can tell that GA is missing visits compared to site meter. I get a lot less traffic than you do, so I'm able to look at the visits. Just this morning I can tell that GA missed the visitors from Japan and Texas that I received.

    I'm still going to play with GA, because it offers more information than free SiteMeter, but I know it misses traffic.