Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to the Drone Regions

The Blackwater Alliance leadership decided we were stagnating and not making good progress towards our goal of becoming a force in 0.0 space. I'm not sure of the details about how it was decided or who talked to whom first, but essentially the decision was to put the Blackwater Alliance in mothballs and have the member corps (primarily M3 Corp and Raddick Explorations) join the Intrepid Crossings alliance.

The logistics of last week got us into position and late Friday night we were accepted into the alliance. My normal weekend routine kicked in and I didn't get in on the initial convoys into the Drone Regions but I hope to rectifiy that soon. In the meantime I made sure all my assets were in Empire close by and began the chore of moving industrial operations back to Minmatar space. I didn't have to, but I saw no reason to stay in Amarr space with Derranna et al.

One of the problems with the new Alliance is that we are joining it in the middle of a war, both 0.0 war and a declared empire war. So I have to be doubly careful. Rumours of login traps to catch lone capitals at jump bridges and cyno beacons abound.

So for now I'm sitting in my carrier, the good ship Ninveah, waiting for the all clear to head into action.


  1. I should wish you all the best, good luck, iron nerves, balls of steel and especially a good stomach. The last one will be needed, when you enter IRC full of incompetency, secrecy and drama. I grown there and left IRC when patience with leadership run out.

    Note: Even grunts have opinions, something IRC does not know and realize.

  2. Welcome to IRC! I dunno why, but I had a hunch you were joining us.

    As for the capital traps, not rumors my friend, verified kills. It's actually a pretty clever set up our foes are using, so be careful. You can get details elsewhere. ^^

  3. Az, thanks for the welcome. X1376, your objections are noted.

    I was trying to be secretive with the "rumours" thing but we're outed now. :) Looking forward to seeing some action.

  4. I mean, it's not so secretive. We're pretty good about actually putting our losses (even stupid ones) up. ^^