Monday, May 25, 2009

Ninveah Heads Into Action

Well, sort of.

I've owned my carrier for a long time, at least a year, and had it trained to a good point for at least 6 months. But I've never actually used it in an actual operation of any sort. My jump freighter has seen more action.

The problem is that a lone carrier is not all that great at small gang actions against hostiles and its not the best tool for running missions. Our life in the Sukanan constellation was based more around battleships, battlecruisers, HACs... anything really that could handle sentry gun fire and move at a good clip around the systems.

So with the move into Intrepid Crossing alliance I looked forward to the chance to actually field the carrier and this past Friday night was queued up with enough game time to actually attempt it. I logged in and I queried about any capital operations going on that required my carrier.

"We need dreads!"

"MOAR Dreads!"

"Can you fly a dreadnought?"

Hmmmm... ok. I guess the need for dreadnoughts it higher than carriers. It makes sense when you are involved in a POS territorial war: the ability to take down enemy towers is more highly valued than the slow process of repairing one's own. But I cannot fly a dreadnought yet (that's this summer's project) so I let them know I was carrier only and got assigned to the POS repair team.

For a veteran pilot of 0.0 wars such a task might seem onerous but for me it was perfect. A chance to use my carrier in a safe fleet action (it was out of the enemy's typical time zone) and get used to being in a large vent channel of 20-30 pilots with several groups doing different things. I also got to see how to assign fighters, try out my Capital Shield Transfer array, and listen in on Dreadnought operations as they attacked towers and station services.

I spent two hours doing my part to help the war effort and it went by fairly fast depsite the slow process of repairing large POS tower shields. I took a lot of pictures but forgot them at home this morning. Tomorrow I promise.

So the Ninveah has seen action, albeit slow action. Hopefully this is only the first step towards the Chimera carrier using its weapons in the heat of battle.

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