Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eve Meme! The Places I've Been...

I'm starting an Eve meme and if you are an Eve player reading this you are compelled, COMPELLED I SAY, to make a post to propagate the meme.


Ok, so here it is. Take a screenshot of your in game map showing the systems you have visited and post it on your blog. There, done. That's it. Real simple. You can talk about it if you want but its not necessary.

Here is mine (click to see full sized):

Small yellow means few number of vists to big red meaning tons of visits.

Over 2.5 years in game and I've visited less than half of known space. Of course, this feature didn't start working until mid 2007 so it doesn't include my time in Omen when we were in Dekelien region, or before that when I was in No Quarter and travelling into Tribute and Venal regions. Nor does it show my time in Strife 1.0 when we went down to Itrin in Genesis region and bombed around for a week or two. And my Placid region markers would be a lot brighter if it went back to 2006.

Andrew and I were talking about the boredom of travelling far in Eve and this map confirms a fact for me that when I move to an area, I tend to stay there. Hence I can map my corporate history on the map as groupings of visits:

That line of yellow dots through Delve and Querious? That was one time when I went to help a battle for our alliance's allies and then made my way back in an interceptor. The Minmatar space is so red due to the times I spent running level four missions and then the time I spent in Factional Warfare last summer.

Remember: COMPELLED!


  1. Love this meme and posted in response...because I felt COMPELLED! I like how you've analyzed your travels so clearly...I'm much hazier in my recollection of why I went where when.

  2. Great meme. Thanks for getting me to write something for my blog today.

    I don't use Blogger anymore, so I don't think I can create a link. Here is the link to my post though:

  3. Great idea! I'll post mine tonight.

  4. Cool stuff! Emulated your corp history pic (only 1 corp though so not much history yet)

    The places I've beenMore places visited

  5. Anonymous6:15 pm

    I've participated as well, my post regarding it can be found here:

  6. Small yellow means few number of vists to big red meaning tons of visits.I don't think this is entirely correct, but I can't work out what the actual colour scheme is.

    The only thing I can state for sure is that the smaller the dot the fewer times it has been visited, the larger the dot the greater number of times the system has been visited. Colour is independent of this.

    The colour doesn't indicate the recency of a visit, or the security status of the system. I have small red dots and small yellow dots both with 1 visit each, I have both red and yellow dots visited recently and months ago, both red and yellow dots in high- and low-sec.

    I'm working on it, but it's nothing obvious to me at the moment.

  7. :'(

    My map is broken, so no meme...

  8. Loved this idea and did an IC version on my blog

  9. Could the colors be based on how much fighting went on in that system while you visited, or if you participated in a fight?

    Red for violence, yellow for peace?

  10. I disclaim all blame - I was compelled.

  11. Here is mine:

  12. I wanted to drop in and let you know that I really enjoy your blog and have taken the meme from this post to my blog. I have also linked your post in my version of this post.
    Link to mine:

  13. Anonymous6:58 am

    I'm such a bad blogpack member I forgot to post in YOUR comments area after you went ahead and posted on mine :) Bad amanasi~ no biscuit. Very cool post bro! I followed your compulsion per your direction.


    Take CAre bro

  14. Anonymous6:36 pm

    I've done my own version, with a couple of additions because I can never leave well enough alone!