Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Project: Geeks In Space

So, the more I think about it the more I'm sure I'm going to try and do a podcast. The enthusiasm from simply mentioning it was heartening and it will assist in my plans for New Eden cultural domination. The podcast won't be launched until the late fall / early winter. I don't want to try and start a major undertaking during the summer silly season.

The most important part of a podcast is the name. Ok, not really; the most important part is the content, but the name is the most important thing I can do now right now.

Andrew suggested "Geeks In Space". Its not grabbing me. For one thing, its very generic and I would like something a bit more Eve-centric. So I had some ideas:

After Action Report

Call To Arms

Broadcasts from the Ninveah

Local Comms

Will Shoot For ISK

Will Kill For ISK

Caldari Underground Radio

Council of Stellar Mismanagement

(New one: Achille's Belly Button from Andrew as he walked by... I really need to close my office door.)

Vote in the comments! (Note: I reserve the right to ignore all of you)

As for content, I really like the format of Shut Up We're Talking where they pick some topics beforehand and discuss them on the podcast, giving opinions and discussing it from their points of view. I would like to do the same thing but mostly Eve-centric. I'm thinking myself hosting with a rotating group of guests depending on availability, etc.

I don't want it to become a huge part of my free time so I am aiming for a bi-weekly posting schedule with the podcast, maybe monthly if that proves to be too hectic. I don't want my gaming time to be completely replaced by recording and editing !

So there you have it, a draft of the idea. And comments or suggestions would be welcome.


  1. Oh come on! GEEKS IN SPACE!


  2. I like Local Comms.

    Are you doing this solo?

  3. Don't like Geeks in Space, LOL. Among the listed choices, I'd vote for Broadcasts from the Ninveah since that ties the podcast to you.

    Some other ideas:

    The Ninveah Frequency
    Neocom: Ninveah
    Pod Pilot Party Line

  4. Ninveah Offline?


  5. Podkills and Spreadsheets: How i learned to shut up and love the market. or something similar

  6. Council of Stellar Mismanagement is a pretty good name on some level. Broadcasts from the Ninveah would be more tied into the site but not as fun and witty.

    Really glad to hear you'll be doing this. Should be a lot of fun to listen to!

  7. And because this name game amuses me, some more!

    - ZOMG Spaceships!?!

    - Full Metal ePeen

    - Gank or be Ganked

    I totally want to be a bitter ex-noob guest host.

  8. I admit it, Full Metal ePeen made me burst out laughing! Vote changed.

  9. Mmm... Local Comms.

    What about just "Local?" Maybe people would end up calling it "the Local Podcast."

  10. "You think it's a game?", the podcast.

    Or how about "Outer Sanctum of the Ninveah" ?

  11. Anonymous4:12 pm

    I like "Broadcasts from the Ninveah" or some variation. "Ninveah Action Report", "Ninveah Comms" etc.

  12. Good luck with whatever choice you make - "Podded" is doing a nice job staying weekly. It must be a massive time sink, given how many have made the effort. Given the frequency of your posting, you're bound to be up for it.

  13. I'm with Cynnyr

    'I like "Broadcasts from the Ninveah" or some variation. "Ninveah Action Report", "Ninveah Comms" etc.'

    Since you've effectively already invested time in 'branding' Ninveah, you ought to capitalize on it.

  14. Hey what about "The stargate denies you to jump for the moment" ?

    LOVE the idea of you doing a podcast bro.