Friday, November 28, 2008

Bling Boat And the Path To Happiness

Back in August I had reached a billion ISK in the wallet. Then by late September I was down to 26 million. Now here we are at the end of November, all my latest merchandise has sold, and my wallet peaked over a billion ISK once more (and I have over 200 million worth of shield mods being manufactured still). Its good to be me.

I was once more tempted to go on a spending spree; Crystal Implants, Faction ships, another battleship, faction mods for the carrier... but in the end I restrained myself for the most part and restricted my splurge to purchasing a new Mastadon Deep Space transport ship for Derranna as a reward for her hard work. I don't have much need for it as the Prowler Blockade Runner is better for low sec and the Mammoth industrial usually is fine for high sec jaunts too big for the Prowler, or even the freighter for big loads. The Mastadon has a bit more space than the Mammoth but far better defenses and two built in warp core stablizers making it a tad better at low sec runs too big for the Prowler and too small for a Jump Freighter jump.

I had to pimp it out of course, so bought 5 Expanded Cargohold IIs and 2 Cargohold Optimization rigs to get its capacity up to 29,242m3. Not bad.

(Click to See A Nude Mastodon)

I still have to figure out what mods can I use that fit in the mids.

Since we're showing ships, here is a peak at my operational fleet hanger:

(Click to embiggen)

You never know what I'm going to throw at you. Note that I didn't edit the picture to circle in red-marker-like highlighting Mynxee's Bane in the middle. I could have, but I didn't. I'm so considerate that way. ;) I also have another Kitsune and two Harpy's on the way to add to the fun.


  1. *makes another little mark in her notebook and grins, wondering if that war dec is over yet*

    Seriously, nice collection of ships!

  2. Must be nice to have that kind of cash. I have no idea when I'll be hitting the big B. I'm happy being above 100mill.

  3. Yep the mastodon is sweet. A pig to maneuver in that config but sweet.