Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shopping Spree

I could only get online for 20 minutes last night so I decided to do some quick shopping. I made the list of things I needed to get the Chimera carrier operational and opened the market browser.

Heavy Neutralizer II - 1,234,948
4 Capacitor Power Relay II - 4,715,880
3 Templar Fighters - 48,000,000
3 Firgolg Fighters - 48,000,000
3 Einherji Fighters - 48,000,000
2 Drone Control Units - 75,995,000
Capital Shield Booster - 45,000,000
3 Capacitor Control Circuit Rigs - 53,497,000
Advanced Drone Interfacing Skillbook - 13,500,000
Capital Energy Emissions Systems Skillbook - 9,000,000
Capital Shield Emissions Systems Skillbook - 9,000,000
Capital Shield Operation Skillbook - 22,500,000

Total = 378,442,828

Wow. And that's for a "ghetto" carrier. With that spending spree I'm down to my last 26 million ISK in my wallet. Ouch. On the upside, the carrier has almost all of the parts to be ready for duty with only a couple more fighters/drones and my skills needed to catch up.

Once I had purchased all that crap I had Derranna run around in the freighter and pick it all up. Now I was faced with the question of how to get it to the carrier; combined it all amounted to just over 66,000 m3 which would be perfected for a couple runs in a scouted industrial, or even a quick jump with the Nomad, but both of those ships were 33 jumps away in Minmatar space. With only the freighter on hand and impatientence spurring me on, I decided to run the risk of scouting the freighter through myself as it was only one jump into low sec and not a busy choke point system.

I waited until this morning before downtime and used an ECM ship (Kitsune) for Kirith to scout so he could break the lock of any ambitious and curious tacklers. The jump went very smooth with nary a soul to distrub me and soon the supplies were in the hanger with the carrier and the frieghter was back in high sec space ready for the long trip home.


  1. *Mynxee divides your capital budget by the number of T2-fitted Rifters and Stabbers she can buy, multiplies the result by their Fun Factor, and feels no regrets at putting off training for a carrier for a bit longer. :)

    Still, I follow your progress with fascination. It's easy to forget the level of investment needed to pilot a carrier effectively since so many people seem to have them. Your posts drive home the realities of doing so.

  2. Anonymous12:59 pm

    gonna be a HELL of a long time till I can afford that, hence I probably will not go for carrier or dread for that matter, at least on manasi. Perhaps and alt.

  3. Anonymous2:19 pm

    well spent over a period of a few months which i know kirith has been doing that only amounts to a couple hundred million at a time which is a manageable amount of isk every couple of weeks or so. now granted i wont be heading for cap ships anytime soon but thats just because i like being able to move :) granted flying a cap ship is one of my long term goals but i much prefer to max out my bc skills first.