Monday, August 11, 2008

1,022,244,813.36 ISK

"Welcome to the Billionaires Club sir, care for a drink?"

I was away all weekend and was pleased as punch when I logged in last night after getting home and found my wallet swelled to over one billion ISK. The second Widow had sold along with the 7 Kitsunes I had. This morning I got three Harpy Assault Frigs out of the oven and sold them as well so my wallet is actually higher than the post title now. And I'm still not done.

I have a Buzzard and Flycatcher to produce, and then a number of Cerberus and Basilisk BPCs to process, and finally a few more Widows. Its possible that when I'm done all of these tech II invented BPCs I could have close to 1.5 billion or more. Fun times.

In other industry news, I created a new corporation to replace Razor Technologies called Insisto Armamentarium, a sister corp to Insisto Oblivium. I'm a sucker for pseudo latin names. Kirith is in the process of transfering his standings over now (a long drawn out process that causes me to curse CCP) and once he gets the standings to 6.0 we can anchor the new POS in my chosen system of Tongofur in the Heimatar region. Its not as close to Rens as I wanted but the price is right.

I'll be using the POS to invent more cloaking devices and perhaps more Tech II Caldari ships. Maybe Invulnerability Fields again if the market has stabilized.

In skill training news, Derranna is finishing Advanced Mass Production V today so she can use 10 factory slots while Kirith is polishing off Accerealtion IV for a boost in speed (he finished his Thermodynanics IV late Friday). Derranna will then spend a couple weeks getting Covert Ops V for better piloting of her Cheetah and Kirith will continue his summer improvement plan with Energy Systems Operation V for better cap recharge.


  1. Hmm... a billion is a lot of money. I just want you to know that I love and respect your blog and you and I am your biggest fan. On a completely unrelated note, I am poor and my in game name is "Spectre3353".

    *Goes to watch his in-game wallet for a large deposit*

  2. Grats on your successes in the manufacturing industry. I am a bit curious what your long term goals are with this.

    I am also a long time reader and I do not seem to recall many (or any) such plans laid out. It'd be interesting to read about.

  3. Hi there, nice to know things are working out, also - nice to know that you're in Heimatar - seems that the Heim / Molden Heath region seems to be where all the bloggers hang out these days.

    Hopefully see you around the place :)