Friday, November 28, 2008

The War Drags On

Our alliance's war against the corporations Hunters Imperiale and Legi0n continues forward. Although the killboard numbers don't exactly agree, both ours and their show our side with an advantage in kill-loss ratio and damage inflicted. There is no sovereignty at stake and they have not made any efforts to threaten our POS installtions as we don't believe they are trying to boot us from Sukanan, so the kill board stats are the only measure we have to determine who is winning, and in that case we are.

Wars can be good for morale. They promote cooperation and cohesiveness, an us-versus-them mentality. A few good kills and the membership can fly high for weeks, and a prolong seige can foster a frim determination on both sides to see it to the bitter end. However a ops gone bad can kill a corporation and/or alliance faster than a tactical nuclear weapon if the reactions by leadership are not note perfect in their timing and delivery.

Our alliance has seen some people and even one corp leave. Not because of losses as one not familiar with Eve might expect. No, its more the disruption to their game style. Mining and missioning become risky (if not impossible) in wartime and a single loss to your PvE ship or industrial activities can sting worse than 10 losses of PvP ships. Even just being forced to dock up can be frustrating to someone merely looking for a casual evening blowing up rats.

Fortunately for our alliance, the majority has taken to the constant threat of PvP with aplomb and enthusiasm. I know for me its nice to log in and almost always have either hostiles in Sukanan to hunt or war targets to engage in a fleet op. Much better than logging in and finding everyone gone different directions for who knows what activities.

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  1. I could just imagine a single corp-wide mail absolutely destroying a corp after a bad op and a CEO taking it personal.

    Actually that would be pretty funny.