Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Industrial Revolution

Did I say Revolution? I meant evolution... actually more like devolution.

When the tower was destroyed I didn't lose a lot of material aside from the POS structures, but I did lose a lot of momentum on the industrial side of things. I closed up shops, put BPOs into storage, and concentrated on moving into war mode against FINEG.

But the wallet has fallen from its heights of a month ago; new implants for Kirith and Derranna (her first +4s), a Firblog BPO for fighter production, new ships and modules, skill books, ammo... it all adds up. My wallet dipped below 250 million isk today as I upgraded Derranna's clone and that's just not cool. Time to get the money maker making more money.

The POS was not a necessary component to my plans, it was just a time saver in exchange for POS fuel. Public labs can still be used despite the long queues and with prudent searching and traveling I can get the shortest queues available. Also, if I get several projects on the go at once and stagger their completion times approrpiately, Derranna can keep busy and the ISK flowing in and I won't notice the queues as much.

So what projects will I run with? Cloaking device invention of course, Firblog production eventually, Invulnerability Field invention again, Tech II frigate and cruiser invention most likely, and maybe even some Tech I ship production with some low mineral buy orders. I also might try out the rig produciton business again.

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  1. Actually high sec POSs are more than a time saver (although they are certainly that). Your tipical high sec ME slot is running arround 9-10k an hour these days. A full small tower (at least 3 regular labs) running full out, has a small profit even with 6k on the me and 3k on everything else. Therefore it is better and cheaper to use a tower for research provided you can keep it doing jobs 24/7. Course that's what corp mates and research alts are for.