Monday, August 25, 2008

They're Baaaaaaack!!!

Back in the spring while in Strife I was involved in a war with a corporation called Fine Goods for Fine Gentlemen (aka FINEG). The war was started because we accepted a former member of their corp into our ranks and he parted on poor terms with them apparently. During that war Strife was basically imploding and I was CEO for a time and had some evemails back and forth with the CEO of FINEG. He made some ransom demands which we refused, and made it clear he intended war dec any corps we ran to.

So when I left Strife to start Katana Securities at the beginning of June and Derranna went to Razor Technologies, I awaited their reaction. Nothing. Not a peep.

After two and a half months of no war declarations from FINEG, I figured that they had moved on. Well it turns out I was wrong.

I got back last night from my weekend away to find a war declaration in my inbox and notifications of my newly anchored tower being attacked. A quick warp out confirmed it was 24 hours into reinforced and 17 hours to go, coming out in the middle of the day today. F*ck.

I've already written the tower off. Being at work I can't log in to try and defend it and I have no allies to call upon to defend it in my place in time (not that it worked out last time). And I highly doubt FINEG will not make an effort to destroy it as soon as reinforced expires; they are many things but easily distracted is not one of them. Hell, I won't be able to log in until later this evening and the tower should be long dead before then.

I made several mistakes this time:
- I underestimated the determination of FINEG to take down any tower I put up.
- I anchored the tower before going away for 3 days.
- I tried to play Eve as a single player game. If I had an associate to log in and tear down the tower as soon as the 24 hour warning of war was noticed, I could have avoided any losses whatsoever besides time.

I also wonder if my blog is being used as an intelligence gathering tool against me. Not the locations so much (as locator agents make finding people easy) but the fact I had anchored a tower and that I was gone for the weekend making it easy pickings for the observant. I like talking about what I am doing but perhaps it cost me this time.

Anyways, I'm not quite sure what to do next. The POS effort was my project and now that's down the tubes, and I'm sure any other towers I anchor will be similarily hunted. Perhaps its time to stop flying solo and get into a corporation or alliance I can count on for backup or support. Any corp I join though will have to be made aware of these guys with a vendetta against me for no apparent reason. (EDIT: well, no reason other than to annoy me and drink my carebear tears LOL )

Ah Eve, sometimes you are a cruel mistress.


  1. Tower warfare sucks anyways. If I had reactivated my account I'd come defend it for you, but I couldn't make myself pay the $15 and only play 4 days. Are you still going to make that Factional Warfare corp for Minmatar? I'm very much interested in joining when I'm able to play again about mid-October.

  2. I still have my factional warfare corp. I did it for a while to get standings with Minmatar, might go back for casual pvp, still deciding.

  3. Since you've mentioned a few reasons why you'll never play WoW, here's one for why I'll never play EVE:

    "I've already written the tower off. Being at work I can't log in to try and defend it and I have no allies to call upon to defend it in my place in time (not that it worked out last time). "

    Ugggggggh - being able to be smacked around while not physically able to log on to defend yourself is a totally pathetic and unenjoyable game mechanic. It allows losers with no life to abuse you simply because they have a better gaming schedule. Lame lame lame.

  4. Yes, it is annoying. :/

  5. Having learned this the hard way, even if you plan a take-down if the opposition is really on the ball, they'll try to steal your tower. I have come to the conclusions that takedowns need to be run as an op. Yes there's a painful lesson in there. The good news is you can usually limit the damages to JUST the tower (Domi towers are not cheap though).

  6. That really sucks to hear, man. The information you share on your blog can only really be used against you because it really only includes you. You're the equivalent to the CEO of any corporation blogging on his daily activities. Being in a corporation/alliance with allies would make you less susceptible to such harassment.

  7. Anonymous2:43 pm

    I kind of agree with Alex, soloing in EvE is a excercise in frustration , futility and a waste of time ( IMO) I feel your pain for the loss. There are some really good corps and alliances out there, who would probably kill to have you aboard, should you go that route.


  8. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Your other option would be to have an unofficial relationship with a separate corp; one that allows you access to the same services your own tower supplies.

    Those toolbags sure can hold a grudge, huh?

  9. Hold a grudge? Grudge against what? LOL No, they are just showing their power to annoy me, no grudge involved.

    As an update, the tower is destroyed as expected. Many carebear tears were shed and bottled for sale. Waste not, want not!

  10. Anonymous7:42 pm

    That was sarcasm.

    Hell, they annoy me and it's only vicariously through you.

    What all's involved in hoisting said tower? Is it just anchoring skills or is there more to it than that?

  11. I feel for you mate...

    ...and Letrange is right, it is fairly easy to steal a tower during a takedown (I've been there and seen it happen to someone else).

    Really, outside of high-sec, POS operation does require you be part of a group of people in a corp or alliance , and preferably one across multiple time zones.

    Here's hoping you didn't lose too much.