Monday, September 08, 2008

Home Sweet Home?

I moved to Gulfonodi back in February of '07 when the newly formed Strife Mercenaries v1 moved there to run around in low sec Molden Heath. I worked through the ranks of Republic Fleet agents and got to the level four agent in Gulfonodi which was perfect because he never sent me into low sec.

Gulfonodi remained my main high sec base throughout my time in Strife v1, No Quarter, IPORC v2, Omen Inc, Coreli, M3, Strife v2, and ultimately the Katana Securities in the factional warfare. It was always nice having a base where my mission Rokh and salvager could await my attentions in slow moments when I needed or wanted to run a few level fours.

But times have changed. The thrill of solo missions is long gone and Gulfonodi is getting busier and busier these days. The lag spike on Saturday happened when over 100 people were in local. It used to be a busy day with 50 in the system. Finally, Molden Heath is just too far from everything else in the galaxy and the market is not great there; I want to be closer to the centre of the action.

So I'm on the lookout for a new high sec home base. I'll let you know where I decide to go, if anywhere.

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  1. Would be a shame to lose somoene from local :) You're right though about the lag spikes, it was bad on Sunday when I logged in, but on the other hand, I've not seen it too bad yesterday and I was hauling back and forth into Gulf for about 5 hours.