Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fail Fail Fail

Let's check my killboard progress for April, shall we?

Kirith - 0 kills, 0 losses
Kla'strit - 0 kills, 1 loss


Its not like I have not been trying. Every week I get one good PvP night where I log in for a straight 2-3 hour stretch and shoot things. In about four nights over a month I usually manage to pick up enough killmails to reach the goal of 10 per month. Its not great but its the best I can do while the kids are small and someday I hope to add a second night of pvping.

But April was just no luck for me. I used my first night of the month to do some ship movement since there was no op up and tried to catch some neuts but had no luck and worked on my sec status a bit. The second night I flew my Chimera in a station repping op that was hot dropped by PL (I docked safely), last week I took Kla'strit out in a fleet and got killed without any retribution, and last night I was in Pure Blind leading a gate camp and then a short roam looking for hostiles and there simply was nothing to shoot.


Part of the problem is that I deployed to the East with the idea that I would be using the supercarrier to kill structures and such so I have only my capitals and one clone over there, so since the cap fleet has been held back in April I've been left out hanging trying to get Kla'strit in some action but he has only to two ships, Rapier and Maelstrom.

Oh well, into every life some rain must fall. Here's to a better May.

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  1. And here I was feeling bad cause I'd only managed 51 kills in April! Lol, just goes to show you that perspective is always important.

    The thing is of course, there is more to the game than just kills. I'm sure your contributions to the evil blue north go much deeper than killboard stats.