Monday, April 11, 2011

The "Am I Dead?" Moment

I logged on last night and found things quiet for the moment, but these things can change in a flash so I decided to play the patience game and wait before committing a jump clone and getting stuck on the opposite side of the action.

I was in my Tengu from last week so I worked on the sec status a little bit by *gasp* belt ratting. Almost got fooled by the Dire Gurisitas again thinking they were Dread Gurisitas; I killed them extra hard in revenge.

Then I was faced with three things going on all at once:

- Incursion nearby in Fade with info that The Mittani was there; always fun to be on grid with celebrity;
- A Fade-Pure Blind roam was announced; and
- An op in Vale of the Silent calling for Shield and Armour battleships (and associated support) as well as Triage carriers to attempt to repair a station in F-D49D.

My desire to work for the common good overrode any personal interest in celeb stalking and killboard padding so I clone jumped to Vale, jumped in the good old Ninveah, equipped my first ever Triage module and an extra capital shield transporter, bought some Strontium, and joined fleet. Word was that Pandemic Legion was going to tussle so the nervous meter ratcheted up a notch or two.

"Oh well," I thought, "Its only a chimera."

We jumped into system and landed on the station, orders to enter triage mode given. I got the "can't enter triage as there is not enough fuel" message and cursed as I realized I put the stront in the corporate hangers and not the fuel bay or cargo hold. Twenty or thirty seconds later of fumbling in the dark and I finally got it to where it needed to be and entered triage. I had visions of dying as the rest of the fleet docked in the station while I waited out the last few seconds of my late starting triage cycle, but oh well.

Just over halfway through the cycle, Pandemic Legion arrived in a sizable fleet of Armour HACs and the fight was on. Unfortunately for the good guys (that's us) our alpha strikes were not sufficient to break through their remote repping and local tanks and we started to lose sub-cap ships. The support fleet was given the order to break off and carriers to dock up. I checked my triage cycle and to my eternal relief saw it was done so I quickly followed orders and entered the station.

With PL supers on the field and controlling the system, and my jump clone timer screwed for another 23 hours, I got comfortable and chatted with people and set up the interview with a channel member for the podcast.


  1. Welcome to the trenches

  2. Anonymous9:15 pm

    The best thing about being in the Northern Coalition is that you don't have to go anywhere for PvP; fights come to you :)