Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Death of a Cynosman

Last night I logged in with anticipation of the big counter-offensive I heard about through the grapevine. The Wyvern was already boarded and fueled and ready to go. I eagerly checked for fleets and saw... no cap fleets. *sad face*

Instead there was an armour HAC fleet and a Hellcat battleship fleet. The resurgence of armour fleets has caught me off guard as Kla'strit had only a Maelstrom and Rapier in hanger and while Kirith had a few more ships available, including an Ishtar that might have sufficed in the HAC fleet I did not have a good PvP clone available and I was loathe to risk the very expensive implants in my capital pilot clone. Sad part is Kirith would be awesome in a Hellcat as he has all the skills.


I made a node to get my extra clone out of Teshkat sometime in the next week and logged in Kla'strit. I figured a Rapier would be decent as support tackle with long range webs in any case and better than running a mission or ratting or something nonconstructive for the war effort.

I joined up with the fleet just as it titan bridged to 04-LQM in Geminate and we attacked the SBUs there to protect the system. I shot at both SBUs but apparently not enough at the first one because I'm only on one killmail. Sigh. I spent a chunk of time with the support fleet guarding the gates as well and we almost caught a Pilgrim.

After that takedown we moved towards a 60 man Pandemic Legion Tengu fleet. We setup on one side of a gate and they were 60 km off the other side with an interdictor waiting for us. The FC choose to jump in because we had good range and firepower and matched well with our foes (plus 2:1 odds helped).

We were bubbled on the other side and I burned towards the edge but was quickly primaried and just as I got to the edge of the bubble I died. Should have burned back to gate as soon as I was lit up to be honest. I got my pod out and made it back the 8 or so jumps to base. As for my fleet, we killed a number of Tengus and took some losses before PL called in the super capitals. I don't know if it counts as a victory overall, I'm trying to get the battle on a neutral site like Eve Kill right now...Hmmm, doesn't look good but where did all those Maelstroms come from? I wonder if its combining two battles.

Anyways, overall I got to see some action so its not a complete loss.

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  1. I was in the MH Maelstrom fleet, we had a hero give us an excellent warp in after you guys engaged, and immediately took out a Tengu. Lack of coordination between fleets, and our supers unprepared prevented what could have been an epic battle.

    Too bad PL dropping in the supers ended it, ah well. I am training up for Lazors and more armor stuff on my alt.