Tuesday, April 05, 2011

That Time Of the Month

With March on the books (got my 10 killmails, barely) I felt justified in using last night's game time to take care of some business once I realized that there was no CTAs or capital fleets up.

First, I had taken Kla'strit from Vale back to Pure Blind last week to pick up a number of skill books for Selia so I made the return trip. They were a number of basic skill books for things like Signature Analysis and Energy Systems Operations to flesh out her skills.

Next, I logged into Korneilia to take care of the colonies and then used alt Kelarran to probe a way out through the static high sec exit to drop off my overflowing cargohold of robotics and coolant. Jade, the money I owe you is coming tonight.

At this point I was getting ready to have Kirith and Kla'strit clone jump back to Pure Blind for some sec status repair when the alert went out of hostile capitals tackled. I got into fleet and sat on pins and needles hoping for some action in the supercarrier involving actual enemy fire when the word finally came out that Br1ck Squad had killed all the enemy carriers and we were too late. Damn! Well, hats off to Br1ck, I hear good things about them.

With the excitement ending unsatisfactorily, I did the clone jump and helped corpmate Greyhound try out his fancy Phantasm on Kla and his Wolf assault ship. Then a neut in a Cheetah was buzzing around and we tried to catch him for something to kill but he fairly easily evaded our gang.

Ah well, next time.

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  1. Yeah, that is one thing I hate about the Pacific Timezone in the NC. By the time we get online, all the action has been long over with, and the Russians are sound asleep.