Friday, March 25, 2011

Fiction Friday - Series 3: Epilogue

I hope you enjoyed Series 3. I'll be taking a little break for a few weeks before I start series 4.

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Derranna never really forgave me.

There was a couple Minmatar podders in the corp who had contacts to smuggle her back to the republic where she was taken care of by organizations designed for helping liberated slaves. With her education and intelligence she quickly adapted to freedom and even went through the process of becoming a pod pilot herself. Heck, she even ended up working for a couple years with Korannon and I before she finally moved on. Her younger sister was freed by a group of operatives she hired after becoming a very rich pod pilot so that bit of guilt was removed, but she could not get past the fact I killed Blodel no matter how much she came to love being free.

The corp's covert access to Federation officials suffered a lot after Nhi'Khuna's and Delvara's involvement in the little fiasco in Stacmon came to light. No warrants were issued for their arrest, probably due to Delvara's abilities with the Galnet, but everyone became leery of working with such brazen and law flaunting rogues. Without tacit approval for our activities it became a lot harder to work and the corporate headquarters was moved to Molden Heath in a couple months where the application of the law was a lot less stringent.

There was a warrant issued for my arrest however. Not surprising as I made no effort to hide my identity and someone had to take the blame for the two deaths in the dining room of the Lucky Hanger Bar and Grill. Funny thing is, even though the warrant is applicable in all Federation space it was issued in my original family name and has never been updated to my new self-appointed last name "Kodachi" that I had done legally through CONCORD. I'm sure if some bureaucrat ever put two and two together they would realize the mistake and update the warrant, but thank god for lazy government employees and byzantine red-tape processes. I can even dock in Stacmon and not get recognized. It might have something to do with Delvara erasing my biometrics data before he bugged out so it was worth the 25 million ISK I eventually paid him.

Was it all worth it? Well, I did feel a lot of emptiness after everything settled down. Revenge that is quick and painless is not really worth it, is it? I wish I had some way to make him suffer for a few months like my brother did before he finally expired but what is done is done.

Unfortunately, it was not the end of the story.

He may have been the black sheep of his family and I may have shot Blodel in self defence, but Amarrian honour cares not for such trivialities.

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