Friday, February 18, 2011

Fiction Friday - Series 3: Chapter 20

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I felt the slug tug at my arm as it sliced through my bicep, fortunately for me only going through the outside centimeter of flesh. Although I really wanted to shoot Rusack as I closed in on the pair, my instincts told me I could not risk that Blodel would still miss again. At four meters away I pointed the gun at him and pulled the trigger and even though I was on the move I didn't miss the stationary target. Blodel was struck square in the chest and flew backwards, his right hand flying out with the gun and it skittered away on the floor.

I turned my attention to Rusack and saw him frantically scanning with his eyes for where the weapon went. I figured I didn't have enough time to reload again so I dropped my sidearm and barreled in full speed at him for a second time. He was ready and side stepped while his hands pushed away trying to send me to the floor alone so he could make good his escape or grab the weapon. But I snagged his shirt with my right hand and managed to hold on to pull him off balance and on top of me. We grappled again for position but Rusack was lower and got his knees under him which allowed him to throw a couple punches, one of which got a glancing blow on the side of my face.

I was on my back and brought my knee up to put on his chest while my right hand still pulled on his left sleeve, pinning him. His right hand tried to punch me again but I was ready now and easily parried. I was getting ready for a reversal that would put me on top, something I had practiced many times in self defence classes in the Navy, when Rusack's eyes widened and his right hand snatched something from my boot close to him. With jubilation in his eyes he brandished the vibroblade and activated it. "Oh shit," I thought.

I let go of his sleeve and thrust with my leg and hips to send him backwards away from me, hoping vainly that he would let go of the knife or magically fall on it and impale himself. I scrambled to my feet and faced him getting to his feet as well, knife still in hand. All thought of running was gone from Rusack's face now, his fire was up and he had the weapon.

I looked for something, anything, to get in my hands and between me and the blade but all I could find was a plate and silverware on the table beside me. I grabbed the plate and whipped it at his head. At this close range he could not dodge in time and he swore as it crashed into his upraised shielding arm. I followed the attack with another rush, hoping to catch his hand before he recovered. I was partially successful as he swung the knife-hand at me but it was hurried as he backed up a step, obviously not expecting me to continue to attack. I barely parried the swing and directed it upwards while driving my right hand into his gut. My left hand then seized his right wrist with the knife and tried to bend it backwards while grinding the bones in his wrist. Rusack grimaced and dropped his shoulder and drove forward sending both of us backwards and I slammed into the wall with him, somehow managing to keep my feet under me. But he leaned in and put his right hand on the hilt with his left hand and started to drive the blade down towards my chest. I pushed back with all my strength but the advantage was Rusack's.

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