Friday, February 04, 2011

Fiction Friday - Series 3: Chapter 18

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I didn't expect to be so nervous. I wasn't a kid anymore, I was an ex-naval pilot. I had killed before, I had faced death - real death, from before I became a pod pilot on training patrols on the edge of State space. But this time was different.

Ah, Mr Kodachi, yes? Come in, come in, Lady Nhi'Khuna said you would be by today. This way, to my back room where my more... specialize tools are kept. Just let me lock the door...

The deck was subdued by Gallente standards. I was getting used to the aesthetic and barely even noticed the women in their revealing or outrageous ensembles. Or the men for that matter. It was midday and the evening and nighttime crowds that populated the pavilion were absent, nursing hangovers or broken hearts. There were not obvious security camera or personnel but I felt watched all the same. Sweat trickled down my brow and back.

This here is a favourite of my customers. Its a Kaalakiota K37 Personal Security Sidearm, 20 bullet clip, 100 lead rounds included with purchase, more available if desired, and I also have depleted uranium rounds if desired. Pardon? No, you can't carry it through deck passive security checks, it must remain on this level. Really? Ok, I understand. That's fine, I have more that might be of interest... expensive though. Price is not an issue? Well then, I think I have just the things for you...

Ahead I saw the Clydesdale Dome open up and from there I could see in my head that the corridor to the north west would take me towards the Lucky Hanger Bar and Grill where Rusack was currently meeting with some business associates. As I entered the dome and changed direction, I looked for and found the alcove with the maintenance stairwell I was going to use to make my escape. I checked with sweaty palms for the umpteenth time that my pocket still held the purloined access pass.

This is vibroblade was manufactured by hand in by Matari tribesmen in a system somewhere in Molden Heath. Its not just any vibroblade, oh no! Its blade is made of tri-reinforced glass and plastic laminate sheets making it as hard as steel, and its handle is lightweight composite graphite encasing a unique carbon and silicon motor that gives the blade its 30 gigahertz vibration. It will cut through cloth and flesh and a lot of other light materials like a hot knife through butter! And completely undetectable by security detectors. They were built for infiltrators to sneak into the Amarr Empire and perform assassinations, very rare...

The vibro knife was backup. In all my self defense and personal combat training at the academy I was never very comfortable with knives. It rested in a small flat case against my upper ankle inside my boot.

I left the Dome and entered the corridor. I could see the sign for the Lucky Hanger. My heart pounded harder. Give me a ship, twenty kilometers, and a hold full of ammo any day.

But this here is my pride and joy. I don't even know who builds them, I buy them as they are available from my source, and its not cheap! Its a 10mm caliber pistol made completely of ceramic materials! Amazing, isn't it? The rounds are a special material I can't even identify but is definitely not detectable, I have tried (well, not myself but an unsuspecting guinea pig!). No clip, I'm afraid, you have to manually load the chamber like this... what? Yes, it is a little cumbersome, but its not meant for a gun fight! No no, this is another tool of the assassin my friend. Walk past any passive detectors and shoot your target at point blank range in the face. For those personal kills, you know?

I unzipped my jacket and pulled open the door to the establishment. The solid pressure of the gun at my back, another 5 rounds sitting loosely in my pocket.

"Ok, Delvara, I'm going in," I sub-vocalized into the transmitter inserted under the skin of my neck.

So, what would like to purchase? All of it? Excellent! I'll get a bag for you. Of course, if you get caught and give my name as the source of these tools, I will not be caught as I am very well placed in station security circles and will get plenty of warning before any searches occur. And I will be forced to ensure you don't talk ever again if you follow my meaning. Not trying to be uncouth, just not good for business, you understand? It takes a lot of effort to remain out of jail, my friend. Now, your credit info? ... Excellent, thank you sir and here you go! Good luck!

My eyes quickly adjusted and I saw Rusack with his back to the wall, talking with two people at his table. I started towards them and reached for my weapon.


  1. ...erhm, I'm afraid my suspension of disbelief bottomed out there: a 40mm hand weapon? Even the tank-busting cannon of the A-10 attack plane is 'only' a 30mm caliber.

    That said - keep the chapters coming :)

  2. Whoops! I put that in as a place holder to go and change later and forgot to do that. Fixing that now...