Thursday, February 24, 2011

6 Years - Ninveah Greatest Hits: From Jan 2009 On

While the blog was lacklustre for Eve posts in 2007 and most of 2008, things started to change that last fall. A confluence of events:
- my Warhammer hobby ended in the spring thus freeing up the blog for more in depth Eve posts
- the twins were sleeping through the night so more time in the evenings opened up, allowing me to end my lonely solo career I had been on all summer
- I was two years in Eve and had become a veteran of the game (i.e. I knew what I was doing AND what other people were doing for the most part)

And most importantly:
- writing on the blog became a hobby in of itself.

I really got into writing articles for the Eve Tribune to earn ISK and I ported that enthusiasm to my blog writing with more reviews, guides, mechanics discussions, etc. Then I got invited to write for E-ON magazine which increased my writing desire and later I picked up my fiction writing hobby that I used to indulge in for Warhammer.

So I feel I have a number of quality posts in the last couple years and picking just three was not easy. In the end I went for representative pieces that capture the spirit of the blog. I excluded anything I wrote for Eve Tribune (such as Project Athena compilation) or E-ON mag.

Eve Master Class - Tracking Speed - April 8, 2009
I did many special posts in 2009 to document some more uncommon mechanics in Eve and called it the Eve Master Class series. While the one I selected is not my most intensive (the missiles one was by far the hardest) the Tracking Speed article was one of my favourites because it clears up a fundamental part of the game that almost no one understands coming in: what does tracking speed on a gun really mean?

Eve Meme! The Places I've Been... - May 27, 2009
In 2009 I really started to try to connect with the community more, and not for entirely altruistic reasons. You see, in January of 2009 I was nominated for Writer of the Year for the now defunct E-ON awards. I lost but became determined to improve both my blog and my presence in the community. Part of that was engaging in discussions through posts on my blog and the blogging community. This post was one of my biggest successes and even garnered me a link from as my meme spread throughout the eve blogosphere. Might be time send it out again.

Fiction Friday - Interlude - August 13, 2010
I used to write fiction for my armies in Warhammer but never put pen to paper for Eve for a long time. Then I saw a "Fighting Spacecraft" article in Eve Tribune and decided to have a hand at making some more. It scratched my fiction bug and eventually led to Project Athena and Fiction Friday series. The post I selected is not from either of those per se, but is a favourite one of my wherein I try to use technobabble and real physics to justify the four damage types and resistances in Eve online.

* * * * *
And that's it! 6 year retrospective over. If any readers have a favourite post please mention it in the comments.


  1. thing is...I still don't think your tracking speed is totally right! :)

    As far as I understand it, in EvE you ALWAYS have a chance to hit. so even if your target is moving faster than you can track you don't automatically miss every time, you just have a reduced chance of hitting.

  2. Two things:
    1) The post is explaining tracking speed, not how it exactly figures into chance to hit.

    2) The exact formula was not released at the time. It is now in evelopedia and can be found here: