Wednesday, February 23, 2011

6 Years - Ninveah Greatest Hits: My First Two Years Of Eve Online

As I spent last night going through hundreds of posts from late 2006 to end of 2008, I was struck by how boring my Eve posting was for pretty much the entire time. The first year lacks any thought provoking discussions on mechanics, politics, or ships and no meta game posts or fiction at all. Just status updates. To be fair, I was still heavily invested in Warhammer and they made up the meatier posts.

In late 2007 and early 2008 things began to improve as Warhammer took a back seat and was then abandoned and I felt I understood the Eve game more deeply. The posts get better in 2008 and my first "Eve Masterclass" article was penned in December of that year. But since mechanics and politics have changed, I picked three posts from that era that are timeless in a way.

Corporate History as told by Signatures - September 14, 2007

This is one of the first posts that was more than just a "I did this last night and I plan to do this other thing tomorrow". I've had a lot more signatures since then but it was a good trip down memory lane and captures the realization that I had been playing the game for over a year and in that first year did a lot of neat things.

Describe Eve - November 19, 2007

One of my first meta-game and thought provoking posts, I attempt to describe how Eve is a sandbox and how that is different than the typical MMO. It is a timeless post that it still relevant today.

Nano Whining - Tears at the Speed of Light - July 29, 2008

The infamous Nano-nerf is notable for not only bringing missiles and ship speed in line with each other, but also for the massive whining that preceded the changes. In this post I tell the whiners to stop overreacting and address some of the outrageous claims.

I picked it as a favourite because this cycle constantly repeats itself: something is overpowered and becomes known to the general Eve population, turning it into FOTM. A movement forms to address the imbalance and the abusers of the FOTM whine viciously to keep their power, pointing out the options the abused have. CCP annouces fix and the abusers whine massively about how the fix is going to break the game. The fix gets released and a month later pretty much everyone agrees things are better now... until a new overpowered FOTM is found.

Some things never change.

Next up, I'll pick three best posts from 2009 up to today.


  1. Great posts. I'm enjoying these greatest hits :)

    Nano nerf was awesome. It really shook things up and made people re-evaluate how to play the game. Other ships became viable for pvp again, and we all had to use EFT and be innovative once more.

    I felt the same way when Falcon was slightly nerfed, and when CCP boosted pirate ships. Change is as good as a holiday!

  2. I loved the sig history!
    Just wish that I had saved some of mine, not only in EvE but the sigs one has used on various forums over the years :=)

  3. Amazing how quickly old posts become history isn't it? One of the best parts about Eve in my opinion is how evolutionary the game really is, both from a player perspective and a game perspective.

  4. Anonymous4:53 pm

    What Laedy said! While I do get it when some folks whine about changes in a game system that are detrimental, often times such claims aren't actually true. More often than not change is GOOD and necessary in order to breathe new life into a system that would otherwise be seen as prescribed and taudry.