Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Last night I was online and noticed Mynxee and Silicon Buddha playfully bantering about getting the most votes on Twitter. Curious as to what they were talking about I found a link in the history and followed it to find out that the 2009 E-ON Magazine Awards nominees were up and voting was open until March 4th. Here is a screenshot for non-Eve subscribers:

Both Mynxee and Silicon Buddha have been nominated in the "Most Promising Newcomer" category and my congrats go out to them.

The other categories have lots of notable nominees and I'm not going to list them here in case I leave someone out and make them sad, but I will direct your attention to the last category on the page called "Writer of the Year". The nominees are:
- Alia Xi
- Flashfresh
- Galadriela
- Ombeve (which is his website name, the writer is Ombey)
- Winterblink
- AND ME!!!!

"Proof or STFU!":

Holy crap, I was floored. I AM floored. I am still.... on the floor. I know it sounds like a cliche but its true that I am so honoured to have been nominated and put into that category with such excellent writers. I suspect that my Eve Tribune articles combined with my running commentary on this blog have helped to get me nominated, so a huge shout out to the Tribune which got nominated itself in the Eve Fansite category.

So Eve pilots, go and vote. And thanks to the secret members of the "Dark Wheel" who nominated me.


  1. Pretty sure I voted for you. Mostly due to those Shipyard pieces. I think I voted for Mynxee in another catagory.

    You deserve it. best of luck!

  2. You deserve that nomination, KK. Your blog posts are consistently informative and the writing top-notch in terms of clarity, organization, "voice" and overall readability. Well done and good luck in the voting!

  3. Anonymous12:09 am

    A well-earned nomination. Your blog is informative and wide ranging in its subject coverage. Your Tribune articles are consistently top class.


  4. Congrats on the nomination. I find your posts very informative and even entertaining. I love the Tribune articles.