Monday, January 24, 2011


I talked about how the corp suffered from a malaise of the soul while in Providence which hurt motivation and attendance. The move to FCON was in part to give us a larger structure to lean on while redistributing load of responsibility in the corp to give some key members some much needed breathing room.

Its been a week and so far the move seems to be paying off. With Pandemic Legion dropping by for a visit (how nice of them to come say hello!) and constant fleet activity, the corp and its restructured and re-motivated leadership have gotten off on the right foot and have been stepping up with record numbers in fleets, be it roams, structure repping, or logistics. I'm proud of my corp right now.

I, of course, have been nowhere to be seen.

It is not intentional, but the first night we were in alliance I had the long planned BMTHOKK live event to run which kept me from any alliance / corp activity, and then the rest of the week I've used my time to get another clone up to where my ships had been moved, as well as get Kla'strit up there to be my extra set of eyes and cyno buddy.

On top of all that, I've used 15-20 minutes here and there to do my avatars (and in a couple cases, redo them after the patch) as well as try to get my colonies in Wormhole Hades back online. Couple all of that with my prime morning time of right after downtime being screwed due to 3 out of 4 mornings having extended downtimes, well, I was hard-pressed to get it all done before tonight.

But I persevered and all I have left to do is to get bookmarks made or updated from our time in RAGE and get the Wyvern into a comfortable staging system. I'm hoping during tonight's session to quickly take care of that and then get into a fleet for some fun so I can help keep the momentum the corp has going.

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  1. You guys moved to FCON? Oooo a friend of mine has been passed a challenge by a alliance near by to pop 5 FCON ratters and get a free Vaga.
    So be careful!

    Hope this move works out for you M3 seem's to have had some pretty rough times lately!
    Keep up the great blog and MOAR fiction!