Friday, January 14, 2011

So Long CVA

So m3 Corp left CVA last night. Most assets had been moved out of Providence in the past week which is why I had no "action reports" lately. I was making many jumps from our base in S9X to low sec and didn't want to compromise operational security any more than necessary. We already have a new home lined up and we're in the process of staging for gaining entrance to the alliance in a few days or less.

The experiment in CVA for us failed for a number of minor reasons that could have been overcome by themselves but in aggregate proved too much. Ultimately the most damaging factor was internal with real life decimating the leadership ranks of the corporation and the remaining directors and XOs getting burnt out trying to keep everything going in the meantime.

So we are taking steps to spread the load and get back to running smoothly, including myself starting to do some FCing in small fleets for gate camps and stuff to get more experienced and offer some PvP in quiet nights.

As for CVA, I won't say much other than to say there are some people really trying hard to make it work and there were flashes of "old glory" (for lack of a better word) here and there. But overall CVA is still emotionally scarred from last year's eviction at the hands of AAA and friends and there is a fundamental resistance to move wholesale into Providence and fight for it. This would be OK if the alliance was not hell-bent on planting TCUs on every exposed system in Providence. The two mindsets cannot coexist and one has to give or the alliance is doomed. We tried to lead the charge into Providence and committed the corp and its membership wholesale to S9X, but in the end it was not enough.

Despite the frustrations, I wish CVA well. There are some good people in there fighting for what they believe in and perhaps in time they will get the success they strive for.


  1. Hmmm. Interesting insights. As Yoda would advise CVA: Do. Or do not. There is no 'try'.

  2. Oh! Almost forgot. Is there any sour of consensus you can shar viz m3's future plans once the organizational hiccups are gone? Staying in lowsec? A return to deep nullsec? A hostile takeover of Providence or parts thereof? Joining Rixx's Black Mark alliance? Inquiring minds, and all that.

  3. Yeah! Come to mention it why isn't my bat phone ringing off the hook? We've got a great thing going that m3 would be warmly welcomed into, heck it would be like starting your own Alliance with us! No Sov war, lots of pew pew and solid iskies to be made.

  4. @Mord: Once its official I'll let you know, but we are returning to null sec post haste.

    @Rixx: We wanted to go somewhere in a very stable environment while we reconfigure and stabilize our leadership ranks. Should things not work out...

  5. Well DION and m3 share the same beliefs and are very, very similar Corps in many ways, I think it would be a tremendously successful partnership. The door is and always will be open.

  6. Rixx - Your bat phone isn't ringing because you are not Batman. You have the RixxRadio or the JavixCom or some such.

    Quick, boy wonder, to the Javixmobile!

  7. Man Mord, you make a lot of assumptions... who says I'm not Batman?

  8. Have you ever seen us in the same picture together? Just ask yourself that.

    (Now I'll stop hogging poor Kiriths comment thread)

  9. Kirith,

    I've enjoyed fighting against you guys in the S9X area. Good luck on the new home. Or you could just stay where you are and join us in LEGIO.