Friday, January 21, 2011

The Art Of Knowing When To Train A Skill

I put off Logistics V for like forever!

Back in... jeez when was it? 2008? When I was training up for the Chimera anyways, getting Triage was on the list of things to get. Only problem was Logistics V is a long 21+ days skill. Ick. I never even liked flying logistics ships anyways, too much pressure to keep others alive and not die yourself. It didn't help that I trained up for Basilisk during the Armour Guardian-Zealot-Apoc craze of 2009-2010 so there was no good upshot for getting Logi V.

However, the pressure mounts. If I train Amarr Cruiser V, then a Guardian is finally possible. Plus Basilisks are coming back into favour along with shield tanking fleets. And ultimately, Triage for the Ninveah would be a nice addition it is capabilities.

So with Large T2 Lasers firmly in hand (only Beam Specialization requiring level IV to be considered truly complete) I decided to finally bite the bullet and put Logistics V in the queue. Then Amarr Cruiser V and I will be a god amoungst men... or at least in my stable of characters.

The real question haunting this 75 million skillpoint combat character is what next? More race's strategic cruisers? Amarr and/or Gallente battleship V? Caldari Titan? Go back and train some skills to V? Or finally finish the quadfecta and train for Minmatar ships and Projectile weaponry?

(Actually, I'm thinking jump freighter assuming I can save up the ISK for a Rhea but that is only a 36 day diversion, hardly worth mentioning as I would be back in the long term thinking anyways after that.)

The floor is open to suggestions?


  1. well maelstrom seem to be the rage nowadays.... go for minnie then. get all 4 racial subcap

  2. Minmatar really do have some great ships your missing out on. Like the rifter, hurricane, typhoon. Then you got the faction ships that require minmatar skiils. Ie. The dramiel and the cynabal. And the macharial I guess.

    I'm kind of biased though.

  3. Do you actually have any basic support skills left that aren't V?

    If not, pick some ships you fly or want to fly soon, and get them to V ASAP!

    If you ever fly logistics, get them to V.

    Skip freighter/industry skills, you have enough to get by on Kirith for a long while.

  4. Quadfecta! I have all 4 racials to cruiser 5 with T2 weps. It makes for a very fun challenge to decide what to take out.

  5. Your skill link in your CV seems to be broken.

    To me the ships I want to be able to fly properly are Tengu, Golem, Vagabond, Loki, Falcon, Rapier, Proteus, Zealot, guardian, scimitar and armagedon.

    So my advice (for what it is worth) is pick one from that list you cant fly and get training. :)

    Recons V makes a huge difference if you have it at IV...

  6. I like the idea of a Jump Freighter. It sounds so... useful.