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Unique Ships - Megathron Federate Issue

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The Crielere Event occurred early in Eve's existence, I think 2006, and was the storyline lead in for Tech 2 equipment. During the event pod pilots were involved in fighting Guristas pirates including the two founders, Fatal and the Rabbit.

From Evelopedia:
The Megathron Federate Issue is a one of a kind ship.
It was awarded to Doc Brown for his participation in the termination of Fatal, one of the Guristas Pirates founders, in the finale of the Crielere event. After 2 years, Doc Brown sold the ship to DigitalCommunist for 15 billion ISK.
It remained in the possesion of DigitalCommunist for a considerable period of time before Madcap Magician (his former CEO and friend) stole it at Entity's request, to whom he donated the ship a few weeks later.
The ship remains the crown piece of Entity's collection to this day, and is not likely to change hands again.

 The Federate Megathron is unique. There was only ever one created and like the Imperial Apoc this makes it very valuable indeed. In today's ISK values I estimate easily over 50-60 billion. Is it worth it?

Gallente Battleship Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret damage and 7.5% bonus to Large Hybrid Turret tracking speed per level. 

It has the same bonus to damage and tracking as the other two Megathrons have, so with eight turret hardpoints its DPS is already potentially higher by roughly 12.5%. Its drone bay is equivalent to the Navy issue (175m3 with 125 Mb bandwidth) and it has the eight low slots of the Navy issue with an extra mid slot. Almost equivalent CPU and 2000MW more power grid presumably for that eighth weapon, and a bit more capacitor energy. Hitpoint wise it boasts over 2000 base hitpoints on each of shields, armour, and hull. It is a fantastic beast.

Let's look at a typical blaster setup for a Megathron fit on the Federate issue. As before, the fittings picked are standard modules for comparison purposes only! Obviously an elite ship like this deserves module of a far higher quality.

With drones you are looking at over 1200 DPS, with 179K effective hit point tank and enough cap with cap boosters for most engagements. I went with a scrambler because for this ship the MWD canceling effect of the scrambler is more important for keeping the target's speed down than it is for keeping them from warping away.

And that ends our look at the unique ships of Eve. Hope you liked it, I'm posting the links to these articles in my Masterclass page linked above. Cheers!

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  1. It's a lovely ship but you simply can't put a "worth it" label on it. If you took it out of the hangar everyone and his brother would try to gank you. That does not make for a very effective ship.