Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Unique Ships - Freki and Utu Assault Frigates

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Unlike the Silver and Gold Magnates which are essentially advanced Tech I frigs, the Freki and Utu are advanced Tech II assault frigates making them some of the most powerful frigates in the game.

We'll start with the Minmatar Freki. There were 50 blueprint copies awarded to the second place team in the 7th Alliance Tournament and the ship is based on the popular Rifter hull. Its bonuses are:

Minmatar Frigate Skill Bonus:
  • 12.5% Small Projectile Turret damage bonus per level
  • 30% bonus to Stasis Webifier range per level
Special Ability:
  • 50% Small Projectile Turret falloff and optimal range bonus
  • 75% Afterburner and MWD capacitor consumption bonus 
Also worth noting is its high AU/sec warp speed of 9, comparable to combat interceptors. I fit out a Freki in a typical combat heavy tackler role.

As you can see, it sports a decent combination of speed, agility, defence, and DPS but what is really impressive is the 25 kilometer webifier range. One could even consider dropping the warp scrambler (let someone else do it) and going with two webs like a mini Rapier or Huginn. The afterburner gives the ship an impressive speed while maintaining a minuscule signature radius making it hard to hit, and except for the Kinetic hole it has decent armour resistances with only one EANM II and an explosive hardener.

The Gallente Utu runs in a similar vein. It was just recently awarded as 50 blueprint copies to the second place team of the 8th Alliance Tournament and it has bonuses to damage and warp scrambler/disruptor range:

Gallente Frigate Skill Bonus:
  • 10% bonus to drone damage per level
  • 10% bonus to warp scrambler and warp disruptor range per level
Special Ability:
  • 50% bonus to small hybrid turret optimal range and tracking per level
  • 50% reduction in the amount of heat damage absorbed by modules per level 
Very interesting is the overheating bonus which I've only seen on Strategic Cruisers before. Anyways, the Utu has a nice 75 m3 drone bay and 25 mb bandwidth so three flights of your favourite light drones are in order. The armour resistances are a bit higher than the Freki so I threw an overdrive injector in there to give it more speed.

The war scrambler gets up to 13.5 kilometers (instead of 9 regularly) and the DPS is incredible at 253 (with perfect skills of course). She's a mean one.


  1. Kirith, you seem to have an addiction to cap boosters/local reppers...

  2. It is my preferred method of flying. These ship setups are for comparison purposes only, not exhaustive searches for optimal fits / deadspace mods.


    I figured id throw these out there, 3 freki killmails and you can see how c02 fit em up for the tourney.

    also you might want to mention who won the ships, Hydra alliance for the Utu(damn them) and Circle of Two for the Freki. also I agree with cozmik on the issue of the armor repper/ cap booster, which especially on the utu is killing your efhp coupled with that overdrive, which is taking away one of these ships greatest strengths their efhp.

  4. Ok, listen: you guys are obsessing over fits I threw together in 3 minutes or less simply to show their capabilities. Get over it.

  5. I'm not obsessing... just noticed you love cap boosters. I hope for you you don't run out! :))

  6. i just said i agreed with cozmik, i was giving you the lossmails and the winners so you could add that info to the background of the ships like you did with the gold magnate and tyrrax.

  7. i also have been trying to find the gold magnate km but no such luck as of yet.

  8. I dont know about your Freki fit, to me with 4 mids and 4 lows the ships screams shield/gank fit, especially with the bonuses it has. To me the lows should be:
    2x gyro2
    3x 150ac2
    2x small core defense field ex.