Wednesday, July 21, 2010

No Blog Banter

Really? A blog banter on the CSM? Like we haven't had enough posts already on everyone's thoughts on CSM 5 and the meeting minutes and CCP's development priorities and people fucking up what exactly a stakeholder is in the Agile development process? (Hint, its not the same as shareholder in the company.)

Count me out. You want my views, I podcasted them already like everyone else a couple weeks ago.


  1. Anonymous9:15 am

    Apparently there is some passionate hostility and bitterness here.

  2. I really don't mind what CCP are doing with the CSM except for one thing - they should never have claimed it would be a stakeholder.

    As far as player councils go it's probably the best in any decent sized MMO. Blizzard doesn't have organised player feedback at all. SWG used to have class reps who sometimes managed to get things done but it was very watered down compared to the CSM.

    Most games if they do something like this do it on the forums. Flying players to Iceland and sitting them down with the team is unheard of anywhere else.

    However they never should have implied that development was a democracy. It isn't, it can't be and now everyone is bitter.

  3. Frankly, your comments are how I feel about every blog banter. I don't really need 50 bloggers posting about the same thing, it is boring and repetitive and I rarely read any of the BB posts by anyone, regardless of topic.

  4. "and people fucking up what exactly a stakeholder is in the Agile development process"

    THANK CHRIST SOMEONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS THIS. Man it's so frustrating reading the spew from people who don't understand how agile works, or even what a backlog is in that context.