Friday, July 30, 2010

Fiction Friday - Series 2 - Chapter 18

This is the end of series 2, hope you enjoyed it. I am already mapping out the arc of series 3 which will start in mid august.

I'm on vacation next week so posting will be light or non-existent. Back to the grind the week after.

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CASE 7839-23: State Navy Versus Lt Commander K. Kodachi
Date: March 8, YC 109
Kisogo VII - State War Academy School
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Furthermore, we find the blatant disregard for his direct superior's order to be the most distressing charge of all. While we sympathize with his matter of conscience regarding the incident and the actions of Lt Commander R. Jacellon (ref: CASE 7839-22), the chain of command in the Navy is of utmost importance and the defendant's disregard for it cannot be overlooked. His proper course of action should have been to inform the captain of the SS Iceheart what was transpiring and await further orders.

Thus, the members of this judicial panel find Lt Commander K. Kodachi, on the charges of:

1) Mutininy; via disregarding direct orders of a superior officer - GUILTY

2) Endangerment; via firing upon the SS Aegis - GUILTY

3) Vandalism with intent of malfeasance; via disabling the override controls of the SS Iceheart - GUILTY

Taking into account the defendant's exceptional record and commendations, the court could have been persuaded to leniency should the defendant have shown suitable remorse for his actions. However, the proceedings have found the defendant unrepentant and convinced of the correctness of his actions. Thus our sentencing is as follows:

1) The defendant will remain in custody until he can be scheduled for selective memory extraction of sensitive information in the medical facility here on station. Afterward he will have surgery to remove all neurological hardwirings and implants.

2) The defendant will stripped of all rank and be DISHONOURABLY DISCHARGED from the Caldari State Navy. This includes forfeit of pension and all benefits normally prescribed to citizens of veteran status.

3) The defendant will be fined a charge of 10,000 credits.

In closing, the court will remind all participants that the proceedings and events discussed herein are classified as TOP SECRET LEVEL III and the punishment for discussing these items outside of the proper authorized channels is life imprisonment.

Admiral S. Kalthazer
Admiral R. Bornson
Rear Admiral T. Finushizi

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  1. Loved your series. I look forward to the next section in his life. Almost like a Season Finale!

    Good luck mapping out the rest or the next part of your story, that is where I always get de-railed.